Jennifer Aniston’s Hairstylist Reveals How To Maintain Color Between Visits This Summer — Tips

With summer quickly approaching, Jennifer Aniston’s colorist shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how to maintain your hair color between visits this season.

Jennifer Aniston, 50, and Kate Hudson, 40, are both known for having gorgeous hair, but something else these two lovely ladies have in common, aside from being amazing actresses, is that they share a hair colorist, Michael Canalé. Not only did Canalé share with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, what it was like working with both women, he shared expert tips on how to maintain your color between visits this summer. Maintaining your hair color in the summer can be quite tough, due to many factors, including: the strong sun, UV rays, the ocean, and the pool – which is why, Canalé, stressed the importance of hair color upkeep at home.

Canalé has worked with Jennifer for over a decade, and is even a co-creator of “The Rachel,” Jennifer’s iconic hairstyle on her hit show, Friends. Canalé gushed about the star, explaining the process the two of them go through to achieve her fabulous blonde color. “Working with Jennifer is quite easy. No matter what colors we reach for, we always go back to the natural look. We do soft feather-like highlights with her signature highlights in the front – always a Sandy tone,” he said. As for working with Kate, Canalé worked on her blonde hair throughout her pregnancy as well as life as a new mom to daughter, Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa, during her Fabletics and WeightWatchers campaigns. “The best part of working with Kate was taking care of her through the pregnancy,” Canalé shared. “She had a very short haircut and for her spring look, we did highlights only, but very well blended. I used a special ‘comb-up’ technique, where I pull the color and bleach away from the hair follicle, and away from the scalp, all done safely, with Kate’s health in mind. We used my Canale Baby Blonde Gloss as well.”

Aside from working with A-list celebrities, Canalé shared his tips for everyday people who want to maintain their color between visits this summer, but don’t have a lot of time due to busy schedules this season. “Your at home care is important,” Canalé urged. “Avoid using so many hot tools on your hair and over washing. I have a full line of hair care products available for purchase on my website,, and I devised each product to ensure that color not only lasts, but hair looks incredibly healthy, shiny, and strong in between visits. I have also just released a gloss that lasts for up to 20 washes – in blue, gold, and neutral tones. I created these colored glosses to counter-balance the color over time, and help it to last longer. Shiny means healthy, and healthy looks great – so that’s my mantra. The shampoo is specifically designed to stop oxidation and maintain color, while the foaming conditioner is designed to go straight to the hair follicle to strengthen and condition it. Finally, I think what’s cool about creating a line like this is that it was done from a foundation of my working for decades on hair – and then delivering on the science of what works best for it.”

One of the hardest aspects of summer hair color is that your complexion is constantly changing based off your time in and out of the sun. To figure out the best color for your complexion, Canalé said, “Check out your skin’s undertone. The best place to look is in the under part of the wrist. The vein will either come up blue or green. If the vein is blue, usually cool toned colors will be best for your complexion. If the vein is green, usually golden or warm colors look best. I also work really hard to enhance and highlight one’s natural hair color to brighten skin tone and eyes.”

As for what the biggest hair color trends will be this summer, Canalé revealed, “Icelandic blondes as well as lighter and brighter color is in. School’s out, which means fun colors are trending! I think we’ll see more berry blondes, like actresses Sophie Turner and Madelaine Petsch.”

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