• Lindsey Vonn, 36, shared a new workout video on Instagram, showing off her abs in a crop top, skinny jeans, and heeled booties.
  • She went in for a meeting, hence her non-athletic attire, and ended up doing an intense strength routine at the Red Bull offices.
  • The Olympic skier told WH that exercising is key to her physical and mental health.

It can be hard to work out when you’re busy (and hello, when are you ever not busy?). Well, Lindsey Vonn knows the feeling, which is why she totally squeezed in a workout when she went to a meeting.

The retired ski racer shared an impressive video of herself on Instagram, doing all kinds of moves like it’s NBD at the Red Bull offices (she’s a Red Bull partner, FYI). “Still got it… stopped into the @redbull offices for a meeting and decided to get a quick workout in… just like old times 💪🏻,” she wrote in the caption.

In the video, the former Olympic downhill skier can be seen doing pull-ups, weighted crunches, medicine ball throws, and a jerk lift, all while wearing a crop top, skinny jeans, and heeled booties. Oh, and she looks amazingly fit while getting it all in.

“Ok, I see how it is… hahaha,” wrote her trainer Gunnar Peterson in the comments. “Yassss KWEEN in your heeled boots love it,” someone else chimed in. And, of course, there were more than a few GOAT emojis in the mix, because… .

It’s hardly shocking that Lindsey, 36, is able to slay a random workout given how much she’s been crushing it at the gym this year.

Lindsey recently told Women’s Health that working out is good for her mind and body. “I just like pushing myself,” she said. “I like feeling strong, and when I feel physically strong, I feel so much more mentally strong. When I work out, I feel like I’m healthier and more confident. I’ve achieved something, no matter how small.”

Working out, she said, “was definitely my rock throughout the pandemic.”

What, exactly, does Lindsey do to be that fit? It’s more like what doesn’t she do. Lindsey regularly works out with Peterson at the gym, doing pretty much everything—strength training, boxing, rowing, squats, medicine ball moves…you name it, she does it.

She goes hard on vacation, too. Lindsey dropped proof on Instagram in March. “Doesn’t get much better 💪🏻💃🏼#nodaysoff #familytime,” she wrote in the caption of a video that showed her doing weighted squats while overlooking the water, followed by a round on a rower, and then some time on an elliptical.

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She later shared video of herself doing a workout on the actual beach, using rocks as weights.

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And that is how Lindsey is able to tackle a random workout in jeans and heels like it’s nothing.

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