Metallic Brushstroke Nails Are the Perfect Understated Nail Art For the Office

While many trendy nail looks are hard to wear in a professional setting, metallic brushstroke nail art is surprisingly easy and office-appropriate. Eleanor Langston, chief creative officer of New York City salon Paintbox, called it one of Fall’s biggest nail art trends. “The design adds a subtle luminosity to your fingertips that catches your eye,” Langston previously told POPSUGAR.

Re-creating the look at home is delightfully uncomplicated. All it takes to pull it off is your favorite Fall nail polish colors (one in a metallic hue) and a somewhat steady hand. You could try swiping on a horizontal gold stripe to your cherry red manicure for the holidays or apply a silver polish on top of a sheer pink hue to keep things more subtle. “You just slowly drag the metallic polish horizontally across your nails, fluttering the brush up when you reach halfway for a brushstroke effect,” Langston explained. “The key is to have very minimal polish on the brush.”

The result is a chic and understated nail art option that’s equally appropriate for work and dinner with friends without being too distracting.

Ahead, check out all the chic variations of the trend that are sure to get your nail art creative juices flowing.

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