We know Men’s Health readers love a challenge, whether it’s committing to 30 days of ab workouts, or four weeks of squats to boost your lower body strength. While the potential for serious gains is usually motivation enough, however, a cash incentive never hurts, either. That’s why we’re stoked about this President’s Day weekend ‘Bear Hug challenge’ from our friends at fitness equipment manufacturer Rogue.

The challenge is deceptively simple: Literally just bear hug a 200-pound sandbag for as long as possible. (Hey, we said it was simple, not easy.) The athlete with the longest freestanding, unsupported, raw hold time wins. That’s it.

Okay, that’s not quite it—there are lots and lots of rules and regulations, of course. They include a long list of standards for what constitutes a “bear hug hold,” and what counts as an acceptable strongman-style sandbag. (Rogue, of course, has some you can buy.)

You also need to follow strict guidelines for filming your attempt and weighing your bag, and you can’t use any lifting belts, liquid chalk, lifting straps, braces—you get the idea. It’s just you and a really, really heavy bag for some quality time together (remember it’s also Valentine’s Day on Sunday, after all).

First place wins $2,500 and a full strongman bag set. Second place takes home $1,000 and a strongman bag shell, while third gets $500 and a shell.

The entry fee will run you just $10—or $20 if you want a Rogue t-shirt to commemorate your attempt. Beats investing in dogecoin, right?

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