The Barbie Campaign Team Is Here and the Candidate Is Rocking a Fierce Pink Lip, Of Course

The U.S. presidential election is 97 days away, and the Barbie Campaign Team is ready to make a difference. The newly released doll set includes four diverse career Barbies — the voter, the campaign manager, the campaign fundraiser, and the candidate — with the appropriate cell phone, laptop, and voter ballet accessories in tow.

We don’t know what we love more about the campaign Barbies: their chic outfits, amazing hair, or classic, bold, pink lipstick. The candidate Barbie is dressed in a hot pink blazer, complete with a pearl necklace and American flag pin, hot pink lipstick, and natural curly hair; the campaign fundraiser Barbie is rocking a sleek blowout; the campaign manager Barbie is wearing a pair of thick-frame glasses and long straight hair; and the voter Barbie is dressed in a casual outfit adorning an “I Voted” sticker and long caramel highlighted hair.

All four look like they just left the salon and are ready to take the world by storm. See the entire Barbie Campaign Team, ahead.

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