When Francis Ngannou won the UFC heavyweight title earlier this year, the fighter didn’t splurge on anything gaudy. “I went home, and when I got there, the love that I received is something that all the money cannot buy,” says Ngannou, 35, who grew up in poverty in Cameroon. “Billionaires would love to have that, but they will never have it, and I have it.”

Besides, he already has the six most essential things he needs to train, recover, and relax.

Francis Ngannou’s Six-Pack Gear Picks

1. Egg Weights

“For shadowboxing, I recently discovered Egg Weights,” Ngannou says. “They help me work on my shoulders and get used to weight in my hands even when I’m not wearing gloves.” You can also use them while running.

2. Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV

Ngannou, who speaks Ngemba and French, started learning English only in the past five years. He watches TV—with the subtitles on—to fast-track the process and chill. “I also write down phrases and use Google Translate.”

3. Ceek 360 4DWireless Headphones

Ngannou depends on music to help power through the drudgery of cardio training, especially road work. “I love to wear my headphones when I’m running,” he says. “And they’re also good for video gaming.”

4. Hyperice Normatec 2.0

As an MMA fighter, Ngannou trains a lot, and after workouts he straps into the Normatec leg system, which uses compression to increase circulation and help speed up recovery. “It’s very relaxing and helps keep your blood flowing,” he says.

5. Oura Ring

“I use [the fitness-data-tracking ring] with my strength coach from the UFC,” Ngannou says. “My ring is connected with him, so when I wake up and I open the app, he can also see the data before I even get there for training.He doesn’t need to ask me questions all the time. That’s very practical for my training. I wear it on my ring finger, and people always think I’m married!”

6. Gymshark Vital T-shirt

“It has a very good feel, good quality,” says Ngannou. “I like the sport shirt because I like a tight fit when training. Even when I’m sweating, I still feel good in it.”

This story originally appears in the September 2021 issue of Men’s Health.

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