Written by Morgan Fargo

Swishy and never flat, here’s how to do a high pony properly.

Scraped-back hairstyles were a firm friend of ours during the pandemic – largely to conceal a coating of hair mask or the general state of disarray most of us found our hair in, and now, two-plus years later,  they don’t seem to be going anywhere. From the elegant buns and tight ponytails that were seen at global fashion weeks to the advent of brilliant flyaway taming sticks and hair mascaras, sleek hair is staying. 

But, how to do this without losing volume and lift? The solution, it seems, is to use two hairbands. Hairstylist, presenter and trend forecaster Tom Smith explains more.

“If you’re a fan of volume in your hair then you’ll know that it can be a struggle to keep that volume when doing a ponytail or putting your hair up. But, I’ve got a clever trick to help you,” says Smith.

“First of all, start with a smaller ponytail using just the hair that sits around your crown – leave out all of the hairline. Because, next, we’re going to gather up the hair from the hairline (you can use your fingers or a brush to do this), and you want to connect that hair with your original ponytail using a second hair band on the top like this. Make sure that band sits right at the base of the first ponytail, so it’s right next to your head to give you that nice lift and projection.

“Then, that hair around the edge is loose enough to pull out and add volume while keeping that base structured. Don’t forget your edges and polish with that can of hairspray.”

A handy trick: take the can of hairspray and use it to smooth down flyaways without pesky bristles disrupting the hair that already lays flat. Or, if you prefer to throw your hair up and go, this helpful (and very simple) guide to creating the perfect messy bun is a cinch. 

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