Knowing how to use glitter on the face is basically an art form. You can’t go too overboard with it, because then you’ve got a distracting mess, but with just enough and it’s a super pretty way to spruce up any makeup look. Given that all of our Cosmo Queens guests are ridiculously skilled in the beauty department, it’s obvious that there have been plenty of times they’ve schooled us mere viewers on how glitter is properly done.

So take out your pen & paper and observe the top times when a healthy dose of shimmer has really worked on the Cosmo Queens series. Here’s a roundup that features the queens Momo Shade, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, and Chi Chi Devayne, and the *stunning* looks they whipped out, with just a lil’ help from some glitter. Check out the different ways they made sparkles work on the cheekbones, lips, and eyes!

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