Former Olympian and American beer mile record holder Nick Symmonds has kept himself busy since retiring from professional running—whether he’s challenging strangers to races in Target and on Venice beach or proving just how crazy Eliud Kipchoge’s historic 1:59 marathon really was.

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Now Symmonds, who competed in the 800-meter dash in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, is back with another (possibly ill-advised) stunt: Seeing how fast he can run a 40-yard dash—after chugging 40 ounces of malt liquor. It’s apparently part of a competition called “40 on the 40,” invented by some friends of his at the streaming service Flosports. (Symmonds is quick to point out that, obviously, nobody should try this if they’re underage or if they plan to drive anywhere afterwards. Or if, you know, they don’t feel like burping up crappy light beer for the next hour.)

In the video, Symmonds is joined by two amateur competitors—Lincoln Shryack from Flosports, who bills himself as the “former 40 on the 40 world record holder” and Jenny Zahn, a runner who also works for Flosports. After some initial struggles opening their bottles, Symmonds and Shryack finish their bottles in just under a minute, while Zahn lags a bit behind.

Then it’s off to the races: Shryack starts a step ahead, but perhaps not surprisingly, he struggles to keep up with the former pro. Symmonds easily takes the win, claiming the “40 on the 40” record for himself—before doubling over in gastrointestinal agony. Watch the thrilling race (and the ugly aftermath) for yourself here:

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