It’s not every day one of my fave brands drops a new foundation — OK, this summer, it kind of is every day, but I’m thrilled about it nonetheless! If you’re a fan of the supermodel look (Glowing skin with an airbrushed finish, ripe for a Hadid-level selfie, et cetera.), you definitely need the scoop on where to get Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Foundation, the brand’s newest complexion product that promises magazine-level coverage to the max. I trust pretty much anything legendary makeup artist Tilbury tells me to put on my face, so yes, the launch date is marked in my Google Calendar as a high priority event, thank you very much.

For years, I’ve downright worshipped Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quads and lipsticks, as they always delivered on gorgeous shades, bold pigmentation, and that extra-special something that keeps you reaching for one product in particular despite the dozens of others in your collection. This brand just gets it right! It took me a while to try their complexion products, and while the limited shade ranges didn’t always thrill me, the formulas themselves were always on point. Finally, the brand is dropping their third foundation, and this baby comes in 44 shades. Better yet, the brand tested 650 men and women during the shade range selection process, just to make sure it was capital P Perfect and capital I Inclusive. Yessssss, Charlotte!

Meet the Airbrush Flawless Foundation, all dressed up in rose gold packaging worth gushing over:

Get! This! On! My! Face!!!! Holy moly, I’m excited. According to the brand, this baby boasts a full-coverage, natural matte finish that will slay for a whopping 16-hour wear time, and while the coverage is meant to help skin appear flawless, the ingredients work overtime to get skin looking that good when the makeup comes off, too. A Magic Replexium® Serum is infused within the formula, and it claims to minimize the appearance of wrinkles after eight weeks of regular use. The foundation also contains Magic Mosscelltec™ No. 1, which the brand claims can boost skin’s moisture levels by 216% in just one hour.

Cakey, heavy finish? Nope, not this matte. It looks good and it’s good for your skin:

The formula also contains AirCool™, a complex that utilizes menthol to keep skin feeling refreshed and cool even in hot, humid temperatures, as well as C.T. Defence™, yet another complex created by the brand, this time an anti-aging peptide extract of microalgae that’s been combined with Arginine and sodiym PCA.

A lot of technical talk, I know. If you’re more of a visual person, allow me to present some bomb Before and Afters:

Shame on Charlotte Tilbury for not naming this product "Hot Girl Summer In A Bottle." The people deserve to know!

Ready to get your supermodel skin on? The foundation will retail for $44, and it goes live on the Charlotte Tilbury website on August 22 and elsewhere on August 29. On the same days, the brand will also debut their new Magic Vanish Color Correctors, in four shades designed to even out pigmentation.

These $32 creams are packaged similarly to the brand’s iconic face powders, and when used under the new Airbrush Flawless Foundation, they’ll leave skin looking straight out of a magazine:

I’m not normally a matte foundation girl, but these new launches have me so excited to up my fall glam. Catch me rocking a full face of Charlotte Tilbury and getting mistaken for a model at New York Fashion Week (Okay, maybe not!) this September.

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