I Got the French Manicure Trend Every Celebrity Has Been Trying, and I'm a Fan

I Got the French Manicure Trend Every Celebrity Has Been Trying, and I’m a Fan

You are probably aware that early 2000s trends are making a strong comeback. Relax, we are not talking about pink track suits or frosted tips; we mean the classy french manicure with a colorful 2019 twist. While we originally assumed the trend would remain in our photo albums, just like most others from the early 2000s, french tips came back as a 2019 staple, thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid trying out the look.

This nail art trend used to be my go-to when I was just started using nail polish, so I wanted to see if I liked it just as much seven years later and booked a manicure at Paintbox in New York City. But instead of getting the classic white tips, I decided to try the 2019 spin on it and did a neon pink color. Check out the full process and my takeaways ahead.

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Jennifer Aniston, 50, & Reese Witherspoon, 43, Reveal Their Diet & Fitness Secrets

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston spilled all the details on their health and fitness routines, including intense workouts, eating small meals, and even fasting!

Jennifer Aniston, 50, and Reese Witherspoon, 43, are two of the world’s most respected and famous stars. Despite decades working in the industry, the duo look just like they did when they first came on the scene! Their secret — maintaining a routine of 16-hour fasts, a green juice every day, and rigorous workouts. “I do intermittent fasting, so no food in the morning,” Jennier shared about how she starts her day. “I just have a green juice and a coffee in the morning,” Reese revealed when the pair chatted with Radio Times. 

Of course, having known each other for decades, the women often look to each other as inspirations to push one another and get some tips! “Jen knows so much about health and fitness that I always defer to her. She’s great at wellbeing advice,” Reese complimented her The Morning Show costar. However, Jen’s new diet tricks are a major shift for her, as she used to have five small meals a day to stay in shape. In 2005, Jen’s “better living expert” shared that the actress would often have a high protein meal like “scrambled eggs with dried chili” as her first meal of the day with hot water and lemon. But now, with her fasting, Jen begins her day later — usually waking up at 9 am. Even when she’s fasting, though, Jen usually starts her day with a celery juice before heading into meditation and then getting into her workout. Reese, however, has a totally different schedule.

The Oscar winner starts her day at roughly 7:30 in the morning, and begins the day with a workout. “I probably do that six days a week,” she shared. Clearly, Reese and Jen have a super rigorous regimen to maintain their ideal bodies. And professional dietician, Susie Burrell, says their diet, known as the 16:8 diet, is “easier said than done.” “Rather than dinner at 8 pm and not eating until 12 pm the next day, you will get the best results if you eat dinner by 5 pm to 6 pm and not eat until 9 am or 10 am, so you still reap the metabolic benefits of consuming calories in the first half of the day.”


While the fitness routine and diet aren’t for everyone, it’s definitely been working for Reese and Jen. The pair are appearing together in the upcoming Apple TV original series The Morning Show. The duo star opposite each other at a national morning news show, undergoing turmoil as its staff becomes embroiled in a #MeToo storyline that shifts dynamics and sees the women at odds with one another. It’s a fun reunion for Reese and Jen, who actually played sisters in season six of Friends. Fans cannot wait to see these two reunite when the series hits Apple TV on November 1!

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The Top Hair Trends in Seoul, South Korea, Are Just as Dreamy as You'd Think

Fall Hair Trend From Seoul: Ash-Toned Balayage

The top hair trends that are emerging from Seoul, South Korea, all have one thing in common: they’re subtle. The masterminds behind these looks aim to create hair that doesn’t look like it’s been altered or styled. Despite the intention behind them, the hairstyles are bound to stand out with their dreamy bounce and melting colors.

We tapped pro hairstylist Dean of Seoul’s The Days Hair Salon and Seoul Jeong — a Korean-born POPSUGAR editor who spent two weeks exploring in the city — for what they view as the area’s biggest hair trends. Read on to learn more.

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Fans go wild for Katya Jones’ hair transformation

She can usually be found rocking a slick ponytail, sleek straight hair or gentle loose curls, but Strictly professional Katya Jones transformed her look over the weekend – and fans loved it! The Strictly star revealed a head full of tight glamorous curls as she stepped onto the dance floor on Saturday with partner Mike Bushell by her side – and although she and Mike faced a dance off in the bottom two after their performance, it seems Katya's new hair has given her all the confidence she needs.

Taking to Instagram to share her positivity, she wrote: "Wear the sparkle if there's not enough of it in your life on Monday!" Alongside a series of snaps which showed off her curly new locks, the dancer added: "We're off to another week in the rehearsal room!! Not letting anything dull our sparkle!"

Katya looks amazing with her new hair!

Fans were quick to comment on Katya's new look, with one writing: "Loveeeee your hair curly," while another wrote: "Looking fab Katya!" One fan added: "Love the new hairstyle."

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While Katya and Mike were in the bottom two after Saturday's performances, it was David James and his professional partner Nadiya Bychkova who left the show. Following Sunday's results, Katya was quick to share some words of encouragement with partner Mike. Alongside a photo of the pair smiling, she wrote: "Partner, this was our first dance off. Not a nice place to be, but you handled it brilliantly and we will continue to have fun and work hard for as long as it may continue! I would love for your Strictly journey to be the one you'll remember with the smile on your face."

Mike and Katya found themselves in the dance-off over the weekend

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It has been an emotional ride for Mike and Katya on Strictly so far, with Katya even having to apologise to one fan after Katya's tears made the fan cry the previous week. We hope there won't be any tears next week, but we do hope Katya's new hair makes a reappearance!

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Lili Reinhart Posted Her Go-To Skincare Products, and We’re Taking Notes

Lili Reinhart Posted Her Go-To Skincare Products, and We’re Taking Notes

Lili Reinhart’s skincare picks have, historically, been both practical and powerful. There’s a reason for that. “My fans are guys and girls who can’t afford a $270 face cream,” she told POPSUGAR. “I know I didn’t have that pocket change when I was 15.” Her latest Instagram Story post is further proof of this.

Reinhart posted a photo of her go-to skincare picks as of late: the Glow Recipe Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask ($45), Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Face Mask ($49), Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Brightening Serum ($49).

“Been using these 3 [sic] beauties all week,” she wrote in her Story, before describing exactly how she uses it. Reinhart said she leaves the serum on her face for 20 minutes before washing off, and alternates between using the two masks during the week. She leaves her mask of choice on for only 10-to-15 minutes at a time before washing that off, too.

“Not an ad,” she said. “Just really enjoy these products.”

Check out Reinhart’s go-to skin picks, ahead.

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Dressing Up Like a Diva This Halloween? These Scents Will Make Your Entire Costume

Dressing Up Like a Diva This Halloween? These Scents Will Make Your Entire Costume

What do Madonna, Shania Twain, and Diana Ross all have in common? Besides in music and a titular look that is uniquely theirs, not much. It’s precisely why they make for perfect Halloween costume inspiration — but if you’re the type to plan your every wig, scrunchie, and leopard-print legging to the last detail, don’t overlook the most important part: fragrance.

A good, timeless scent tailored to your respective diva might be what takes your overall look from overdone to eau, yeah. Below, we’ve rounded up the icon-worthy spritzes that leave a lasting — dare we say, legendary — impression.

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Rainbow makeup can be chic AND mood boosting – just ask this Instagram star

We've had candy pink eyeshadow, neon liners and jazzy mascaras, but now we're all about rainbow eye makeup. Not convinced? Just check out beauty influencer Amy Lawrenson who roadtested the trend for her Instagram followers – and if you think rainbow hues are just for kids, think again.  

Amy told HELLO!: "As we're now officially into autumn, I was looking at the more muted shades in my makeup bag, but I figured why do we have to go for a more sombre palette just because the weather has turned?! Colour therapy – using colours to change your mood or make you feel a certain way – works, so I decided to go bold on my lids to brighten my mood." 

With the miserable weather we're having in the UK right now, we reckon summer brights could be just the thing for our makeup bag. 

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"I was inspired by @MMMitchell's palette Me, Myself and MMMMitchell," Amy said. "It's basically the only palette you will ever need – it's packed with bold colours and neutrals in matte and shimmers." 

SHOP: Me, Myself and MMMMitchell , £30, Beauty Bay

The beauty expert told us: "This is perfect if you have hooded lids as I do, the effect is more subtle as you can only really see the look in its full glory when you blink or shut your eyes. You could choose any combination of colours you like. I applied each shade using my fingertip to 'fingerpaint' my lids, I then used a small Morphe brush to pack extra colour on just where needed and then used the fluffy Real Technique's Deluxe Crease Brush to very gently blend the edges to soften the look but not to merge the colours too much.

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"I added a little sparkle (the shade Muffin) over the pink (shade name Morning Glory) to add a pop on the centre of my lids. I then anchored the look with a warm brown shadow under the lash line and a lot of black mascara."

View this post on Instagram

Playing with 🌈 colours! I used the brilliant @mmmmitchell palette, £30, which contains 32 pressed pigments and was created with @beautybaycom. I like that, because I have hooded lids, you see the colour most when I blink… It’s a liiiitttle more subtle that way. Plus, keeping your complexion dewy plays down a bold eye or lip. I finger painted the colour on and then used a small brush to tidy the edges and blend it all together. I like that it’s not perfect and a bit undone. . The palette sold out but is back in stock now and is set to sell out in 24 hours or less, it’s a great palette for bold looks but also more subtle everyday looks too. It’s basically the only palette you really need. What do you reckon – would you try this look for a night out? . . . . #notanad #gifted #makeup #eyemakeup #mmmitchell #eyepalette #colourfuleyeshadow #colourfuleyes #makeupidea #makeupinspiration #bbblogger #beautybay #hoodedeyes #rainbowmakeup #makeuplooks #eyemakeuplook

A post shared by Amy Lawrenson (@amy_lawrenson) on

A post shared by Amy Lawrenson (@amy_lawrenson) on

VIDEO: @Amy_Lawrenson

Would this be too much for work tomorrow? Perhaps – but we're giving it a try anyway. How about you? 

The Me, Myself and MMMitchell palette is available at Beauty Bay, £30 for 32 pressed pigments and likely to sell out soon (there was a 20,000 waiting list!).

This article contains affiliate links, which means HELLO! may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. More information.

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Kylie Jenner Says Stormi Is ''Obsessed'' With Makeup, Shares Routine


Kylie Jenner is giving her fans a look at her step-by-step makeup routine.

In a new video, posted to YouTube on Friday, the beauty mogul shares her everyday makeup look using her go-to Kylie Cosmetics products. In the tutorial, Kylie also dishes about her daughter, Stormi Webster, 1, and her love of makeup.

“Hey guys, it’s Kylie! This is my brand new updated makeup tutorial,” the Kylie Cosmetics owner says in the opening of the YouTube video. “I know I’ve done a few of these in the past and I’m always learning new things, so my makeup routine is definitely changing. Also since becoming a mom, it has gone from taking me 30 minutes to do my makeup to now having to do my makeup in 10 minutes.”

Kylie adds, “So this is my new routine, I hope you guys like it.”

The 22-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star starts off her routine by clipping her hair back out of her face.

After clipping her hair back, Kylie uses her face primer from her Birthday Collection, followed by her Kylie Skin lip mask.

“This is heaven,” Kylie says. “It is also launching soon, so stay tuned.”

Kylie goes on to explain that since her last tutorial, which she filmed for Vogue, her routine has changed “a lot.”

“I’ve had to cut my routine down a lot,” the E! star shares. “This routine really takes me no longer than like 10 minutes.”

While Kylie used to start with her eyebrows, she now starts by putting on her foundation.

“My favorite part about doing my makeup is, it’s like a therapeutic moment for me,” Kylie explains. “I turn my music on, if I’m gonna get ready at night I’ll have a glass of wine. Or, I’ll have my coffee if I’m doing it in the morning.”

Kylie also shares that daughter Stormi is “obsessed” with makeup right now.

“Every time I’m wearing lipstick, she notices,” Kylie shares. “She looks at me and she’s like, ‘Lip! Lip! Lip!'”

So, at what age will Kylie start letting Stormi wear makeup? Take a look at the tutorial above to find out! Plus, see the “Rise and Shine” star show off her vocal skills once again!

Watch a brand new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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Priyanka Chopra’s Makeup Artist Reveals The Secret To The Star’s Flawless Skin – Interview

It’s no secret that Priyanka Chopra has the most flawless complexion & if you’ve been wondering how she does it, her makeup artist, Vincent Oquendo, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how you can achieve it.

Priyanka Chopra, 37, is known for her gorgeous complexion and luckily, her makeup artist, Vincent Oquendo, spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, while promoting the new Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Collection, about how the actress gets flawless skin and what you can do at home to achieve the look. “I think it’s skin prep more than anything. So, it’s skincare, and I know that she just takes really great care of her skin. She takes it very seriously, you know?” Vincent shared about Priyanka’s complexion. As for the top three things he insists on for flawless skin, “Serum, serum, serum. I think that’s something that a lot of people forego, they’re like, ‘well I kind of moisturize…’,” he said. As for when to put on serum, “Anytime you want,” Vincent admitted. “Even if a client is looking a little tired, I’ve taken serum, warmed it up with my hands, and just pressed it on their skin to reset their makeup. If you wanted a little bit of an extra jolt, you could use that and love it.”

Vincent gave Priyanka her stunning glam using Shiseido, for the Vogue Japan x Bulgari party during Milan Fashion Week on Sept. 18, when her skin looked flawless and she added a bold red lip. For the event, Priyanka rocked a stunning black and pink sequin pinstripe Alberta Ferretti Fall 2019 suit, which went perfectly with her makeup. Speaking about how he achieved the look, Vincent shared, “I love Priyanka, Priyanka is amazing. She’s so much fun. She’s down. We have creative conversations. When we were in Milan we had a really good time. I saw the outfit, I talked to her stylist Mimi [Cuttrell], we were chatting and we ended up going with the red lip because I was like, you know what? We were in Milan, and she was hosting a big event and I thought, ‘What’s more Italian movie star than a cherry lip?’ So that’s where we went and I’m so glad we did because she looked amazing,” he gushed. For her skin that evening, Vincent buffed the Synchro Skin Self Refreshing Foundation in 420 all over her face and concealed with the Synchro Skin correcting GelStick Concealer in 430 and Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Concealer in 303. Then he set both the foundation and concealer with the Synchro Skin Invisible Silk Loose Powder in Matte.

As for Priyanka’s go-to look, Vincent admitted, “I think she tends to go for the more natural lip and smokey eye. I don’t tend to see her with lips often, so, it was really special that she trusted me to do the red lip, and she loved it. When I do the cherry lips, specifically with her lips, I split the tissue, blotted off the excess, then I powdered the lip with the silk powder. Then I went over it again, blotted it, and powdered it, and then I went over it again. So, there were about two to three different layers and that’s why it was super matte red.”

The new Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Collection consists of 30 foundation shades, 16 concealer shades, and two powder finishes, with the foundation retailing for $47, the concealer for $31, and the powders for $38. The collection is currently available at Sephora.com and in-store.

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Glossier's London pop-up is nearly here – this is what we know so far

Prepare yourselves: cult beauty brand Glossier is making an appearance in London and this is what we know so far.     

2019 has been big for Glossier. The first part of the year saw them launch a whole brand, Glossier Play, a 28-strong collection of bright and colourful make-up. 

Then came Milky Oil – a bi-phase make-up remover – and Bubblewrap, a game-changing eye and lip cream. Following that was Brow Flick, the sister product to the brand’s bestselling Boy Brow, along with bigger versions of The Supers, AKA the serums that the brand launched with. 

There’s also been two new flavours of the cult Balm Dotcom (mango and berry, FYI) and, as if that wasn’t quite enough, Glossier’s transition into a legitimate lifestyle brand was completed as it launched GlossiWEAR: a range of duffle bags, sliders, hair clips and hoodies.

Now, Glossier is planning to take London once again, and with 50,000 people visiting the New York flagship location every month it’s no wonder the brand want to go international. 

There aren’t many details as yet, but founder Emily Weiss casually dropped the news in an interview with The Financial Times last month saying, “Glossier has two permanent stores, a number of semi-permanent pop-ups, and plans to open a London pop-up this autumn.”

The news has since been confirmed by the brand on its Twitter account.

The last time Glossier hit the UK was in November 2017 with a bricks-and-mortar store that was open for a week in London’s Marylebone.

What can we expect from the Glossier London pop-up?

In true Glossier style, details are scarce but if the last pop-up is anything to go by, we expect it to be very pink, very chic and very Instagram-friendly. Back in 2017 when the brand made it’s first appearance in London, its iconic products were on display to be played with, swatched and tested before being bought.

What is the Glossier London pop-up address?

In 2017, the pop-up took residence at 32 Portland Place, W1, so although the 2019 location is yet to be confirmed, we predict it’ll happen in either the same venue or somewhere similar.

How long will the Glossier London pop-up be open for?

2017’s was a week long, with opening hours on weekdays from 11am-8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm. Again, this year’s is yet to be confirmed by the brand, but we’ll update you as soon as we get further details.

Here’s hoping this will be the pop-up that convinces Glossier to set-up permanent camp in the UK.

Images: Glossier

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