The 10 Best Sunscreens for Every Guy’s Lifestyle

Summer is officially here and with the Fourth of July around the corner, chances are you’ll want to bask in the outdoor sun. Whether you’re at a cookout, the beach, or just running around town, you’ll need more than just a hat to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Sure, we’ve all made the mistake in our youth of baking in the sun sans SPF, but with plenty of options on the market, there’s no reason to risk painful burns and sun blisters.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, there were over 5.4 million nonmelanoma cases of skin cancer in over 3.3 million Americans last year. Worse, it’s the most common type of skin cancers (with 1 in 5 Americans developing the disease, annually) that’s totally preventable. The sun in all its goodness, is also extremely harmful. After all, emits UVA and UVB rays, something that can not only cause skin cancer, but sun spots, wrinkles, leathery skin, and more.

“Ultraviolet radiation leads to DNA damage of skin cells and reactive oxygen species that subsequently increases the risk of skin cancers,” says Dr. Y. Claire Chang, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in NYC. Dr. Chang explains that wrinkles and fine lines are caused by your own collagen being broken down by the sun’s exposure.

So what should you look for? Dr. Chang recommends going for a sunscreen with an SPF level of 30 or more. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and refers to the amount of protection it provides against one type of ultraviolet radiation. “SPF 30 should take 30 times longer to burn than without sunscreen,” she explains. “Sunscreen should be part of your daily skincare routine and reapplied every 2-3 hours.”

Below, we round out the 10 best sunscreens you should apply, now.


“This mineral sunscreen gives very good coverage and is water-resistant,” says Dr. Chang. “It is also hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin.”


“EltaMD UV Sport Broad-spectrum SPF 50 is a water-resistant mineral sunscreen containing zinc oxide, which acts as a physical barrier reflecting UVA and UVB rays away from the skin surface,” Dr. Chang says. “It also contains an antioxidant, vitamin E, which helps reduce free radicals produced by the sun.”


If you’re really looking to keep your skin protected at all costs, this SPF from Neutrogena may put you at ease. With a formula that contains an SPF 100, it’ll be like an umbrella for your skin.


“La Roche Posay Antihelios Mineral Ultralight sunscreen fluid is a mineral sunscreen that is thin and lightweight on application,” she says. The best part is that you can find this at any of your drugstore shelves.


“EltaMD UV Clear is a mineral sunscreen that contains antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to calm and hydrate the skin,” Dr. Chang says. “It is very lightweight and silky to touch, without being clogging to the pores.”


Slather on this lightweight, oil-free sunscreen for optimum sun protection with no trace of lotion left behind. Not only is this stellar sunscreen invisible, it helps to control shine for a matte look. This one is perfect for guys with a darker skin tone looking for the best SPF that won’t leave a white cast.


The brand’s Hydro Boost line, soaked with hyaluronic acid, is so quenching, it can pass for your new favorite moisturizer. This SPF is so hydrating, you’ll find your skin bouncing with moisture throughout the day.


This all-mineral lightweight formula from Peter Thomas Roth has Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for maximum coverage. It also has a tint with a gleaming dose of diamond powder that will leave you with a natural glow.


On a hot summer day, the last thing you want on your face is greasy goop. Avoid the shine with an unscented SPF moisturizer that will protect your skin with a matte finish. If you’ve ever had acne problems with sensitive skin, you know Cetaphil is a brand you can trust to help control breakouts, and this sunscreen is no exception. No burns, breakouts, or shine, all for a great price—it’s a total no-brainer.


If you’re lazy and the act of blending a sunscreen on your face just isn’t appealing, fear not—use a spray. This one, from Soleil Toujours, comes in a micro spritz that is so easy that you only need to spray it twice, set it, and forget it. There are more pressing things to do—like actually enjoying the outdoors.

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This Razor Ad Celebrates Pubic Hair & It’s A Huge Step Forward

Billie is changing how we approach body hair, and the razor company is on a mission to destigmatize hairiness. Billie’s new “Red, White, And You Do You" campaign celebrates pubic hair, tackling the taboo that body hair at the beach is offensive. The new campaign comes just in time for the Fourth of July, where many people will be packing their beach bags and heading towards some kind of body of water.

"Since it’s the beginning of summer, and many of us are heading to the beach, we wanted to challenge the notion of being ‘summer ready,’" Georgina Gooley, co-founder of Billie, shares with Bustle. "A lot of women feel the pressure to remove their body hair when they’re wearing a bathing suit so we felt like it was the perfect time to get out there and say ‘no matter what you choose, you’re already summer ready.’"

The campaign comes in time for the one year anniversary of Project Body Hair, which was the brand’s revolutionary pledge to show actual body hair in its ads. No beauty brand has ever done that before. The “Red, White, And You Do You" film stars women confidently sporting body hair at the beach, reinforcing that shaving is a personal choice.

Partnering once again with Ashley Armitage, who directed Project Body Hair and is known for her work reclaiming the female gaze, the advert is full of confident beach babes. The video opens up with a pan of three women. One has a hairy bikini line, the other one has a wispier version, and the third is picking a wedgie.

The short flick then cuts into different beach scene snaps, where girls are uncrossing their legs while sitting in beach chairs, lounging on boards with hairy armpits, and coming out of the pool with wet and hairy bikini lines. The women in the video are so nonchalant about their body hair choices that you can’t help but wonder why you should be embarrassed about your own.

But Billie especially focused on the pubic area for a specific reason, one that may seem odd at first for a shaving company to tackle.

"By refusing to acknowledge that body hair exists (wherever it may be), the shaving category has been body shaming women — it’s saying ‘you should be ashamed of having hair there,’" Gooley explains. "By showing unshaved bikini lines, we’re acknowledging that this hair exists and hoping to remove the shame around it. Our hope is that women aren’t judged for having or removing body hair. It’s a personal choice that nobody should have to apologize for."

The great thing about the ad is that it shows both options. There are plenty of women with smooth thighs and trimmed bikini areas, and plenty of women who decided to skip their shave.

"Historically, women’s razor brands have portrayed body hair as ‘socially problematic’ in an attempt to sell more razors — they instilled shame around having women’s body hair," Gooley says. "From day one, it was important to us that we didn’t contribute or encourage this ideology. We’ve always wanted to put our audience ahead of our product, so emphasizing the importance of choice has always been core to what we believe."

And by being supportive, Billie will inspire devoted shoppers — even those who don’t shave on a daily (or monthly) basis. The brand hopes to gain a devoted and passionate following by supporting choice and uplifting women, hoping that a consumer will respond more positively to that ideology than one of shame.

This summer, Billie encourages you to do you. Whether that’s with a trim bikini line or a full bush, it’s truly up to you.

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The 10 Richest Instagram Dogs Of 2019

Plenty of celebrities dominate social media with millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and beyond. Influencers, models, heiresses, and actors are the norm on Instagram. But what about our non-human pals? Did you know there are tons of dogs on Instagram that rake in thousands of dollars?

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Some of them make even more than human counterparts. There are plenty of dogs who even get brand deals, sponsorships, and acting roles on television and film from their photos. Sometimes these dogs even make enough money that their parents can retire from their day jobs and live off the funds of their furry friends. Here are some of the richest dogs on Instagram in 2019.

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10 Toby Little Dude

Have you seen the little hipster dog, Toby, around on Instagram? Toby has more than 100k followers on Instagram and is notable for his excellent fashion style. He likes to dress up in lots of plaids and flannel clothing. Toby has various sponsorships to support his Instagram feed and his sense of style.

Toby even replies to his many fans and comments on his posts. His brand has been built and well-established through his years of declaring himself a fashion icon. He often sports a fitting pair of glasses in his various photos too. Toby is known for always having the perfect hilarious caption for each picture.

9 Reagan Doodle

If you’ve ever scrolled through Reagan Doodle’s Instagram you’ll see what a family dog he is! Reagan was adopted by his family and instantly bonded with Little Buddy, his name for the family’s son. Like Reagan, their son is also a foster child. Reagan’s goal on Instagram is to support both the adoption and fostering of children.

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Most of his pictures feature Reagan and his family. His owners like to dress him up in matching outfits with his brother and the newest entry into the family, a beautiful little girl. At present, Reagan has more than 500k followers on his Instagram account.

8 Marnie The Dog

Marnie the dog recently turned the ripe old age of 17 years old! She’s slowed down quite a bit in her twilight years but she is still incredibly popular on Instagram with nearly 2 million followers. Marnie is followed by many celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Lili Reinhart, and Stephanie Beatriz.

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She has had business deals, sponsorships, and meetings with celebs for special causes. Marnie was a rescue pup discovered on the streets of Connecticut in 2012. Marnie is known for her trademark head tilt which vets think is a symptom of vestibular disease. She also has some residual hearing problems but it hasn’t stopped her from being an inspirational Instagram pup!

7 Bodhi The Menswear Dog

Bodhi is an uber-famous, and stylish, Shiba Inu who is best known for his alter ego as Menswear Dog. He makes enough money that his married owners were able to quit their full-time jobs. On a particularly good month, Bodhi brings in around $15,000. He has millions of followers across all of his social media platforms and has appeared wearing countless designer digs.

He has had lucrative deals with Revlon, Polyvore, Purina, Salvatore Ferragamo, American Apparel, and more. He has also appeared in countless magazines such as GQ, Esquire, Nylon, Time, and many others. He continues to rake in the money and shows no signs of slowing down.

6 Daisy The Underbite

Daisy the dog with the underbite is possibly the sweetest little pup on Instagram. The poor thing was abandoned as a puppy in the streets of Los Angeles and rescued by a local animal rescue. She was going to be put to sleep but was saved by a local family just a few days before the appointment was scheduled.

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Now she makes several thousand dollars per Instagram post and has become a source of happiness and inspiration for many dog lovers around the world. Daisy has prosthetic limbs due to a deformity she was born with and must travel around in a wagon. But she always appears happy and full of love regardless!

5 Loki The Wolf Dog

Owner Kelly Lund hit the jackpot when he took in Loki the wolf dog, part malamutes and part husky (with some wolf blood). The Denver-based pair got their start by Kelly posting photos of his lovable, and beautiful, dog on Instagram. Slowly and steadily, Loki began to build a loyal following and now the pet has more than 2 million followers on his Instagram account.

He brings in enough money that Kelly was able to quit his day job and support himself through the work his pup gets. He manages and supports his dog’s burgeoning career! Loki and Kelly even appeared in a commercial spot for Mercedes and have partnered with GoPro.

4 Manny The French Bulldog

Born in Chicago, Illinois and named after the famous boxer Manny Pacquiao, Manny the French Bulldog is an internet sensation. He is the most followed bulldog on social media and was awarded for being the most inspirational and influential dog by The CW. Manny has his own website and merchandise deals along with a YouTube channel.

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Martha Stewart even featured Manny in her line of pet products sold at PetSmart. He has also been featured on Steve Harvey’s day time talk show. Manny is known for being a philanthropist dog, his owners ensure that much of the funds he raises go towards dog rescue charities.

3  Tuna The Chiweenie

Tuna is an adorable “chiweenie,” a chihuahua-dachshund mix, that was abandoned by his first owner before being adopted by a Farmer’s Market. His new owners posted a few photos of the dog on the internet and his career took off. People were particularly endeared by Tuna’s lovable overbite and he became a legendary meme on Reddit.

His popularity has continued to skyrocket over the years and he has millions of followers on social media. It is estimated that Tuna brings in thousands of dollars a year in sponsored posts and by his owner’s sales of Tuna-themed merchandise. Tuna has his own website and Buzzfeed once named him the most inspiring dog online.

2 Jiff The Pomeranian

Jiff the Pomeranian is a certifiable celebrity with more than 9 million Instagram followers. It is rumored that Jiff makes around $17,500 per Instagram post and rakes in about $1 million a year. You’ve probably seen Jiff around and not even realized it. Jiff had a part to play in a Katy Perry music video for the song “Dark House” and has been seen at various sponsorship events all over the world.

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Jiff was recently part of a Facebook event alongside Mark Zuckerberg. Jiff does sponsor posts for big brands like the Banana Republic and Target. He also took home his own Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Instagram Pet.

1 Doug The Pug

Doug the Pug is one of the most well-known famous pups of all time. He was declared the second most influential pet in 2018. Doug is the most followed dog on social media at present with more than 13 million combined followers across all of his social media platforms.

Doug comes from Nashville and the city is proud of their pet pedigree. They even named a day of the year “Doug the Pug Day.” Doug has hung out with tons of super-famous celebrities too, such as Shakira, the cast of Stranger Things, Justin Bieber, John Legend, and more. He’s also had roles in music videos by Katy Perry, Fall Out Boy, and DNCE.

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Sephora Collection’s New Clean Skincare Drop Has Clean Versions Of Their Best-Sellers — EXCLUSIVE

When Sephora Collection debuted their clean skincare line a few months back, it’s safe to say the beauty community breathed a collective sigh of relief. Finally, a trusted brand was serving up products with clean formulas, effective ingredients, and clear labeling — and the under-$20 price tag didn’t hurt, either. After the huge success of the first launch, I’d say pretty much everyone is curious about what’s in the new Sephora Collection clean skincare drop. As someone who got a little sneak peek at the goods, I’ll say this: You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll be thrilled.

When I spoke to Helen Phillips, Sephora Collection National Makeup Artist, about all the clean skincare newness happening within the brand, she felt confident that the new products and the clean line itself were steps in the right direction for Sephora Collection and Sephora as a whole. "I think it’s been doing really well in store because it’s filling a hole we had, where people are really shopping for green products but then also wanting things that are still affordable," Phillips tells Elite Daily exclusively. "It’s shopping more consciously."

Much like the original launch, the five new products feature powerful hero ingredients, largely natural formulas, and clean (but still very Insta-friendly) packaging:

And of course, they’re all priced at or under $20. Icing on the clean beauty cake, am I right? As the brand’s National MUA, Phillips plays a large part in product development, from helping create the formulations to trying them out IRL on her clients and offering helpful feedback to make them even better.

One thing the brand intends to do with every drop? Create better, cleaner formulas for pre-existing best-selling products. Such is the case for the new Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover ($11, Sephora):

Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover



"So we’ve already had our Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover before, but we just made it clean," says Phillips, who also notes that revising the formula to make it more natural wasn’t a difficult task. "It wasn’t that hard, we just put cornflower in it now, so it removes all makeup, including waterproof." Now, the product’s formula boasts 92% natural ingredients, and it’s maintained its magic makeup-removing capabilities.

Moving right along, the product in the new lineup that caught my eye immediately was the Bright Skin Exfoliating Scrub ($12, Sephora). What can I say, I love to exfoliate!

Sephora Collection Bright Skin Exfoliating Scrub



With 97% natural ingredients in its formula, this scrub utilizes volcanic sand for a gentle yet effective exfoliating experience. "It also has marula oil in it, so it really helps with not only buffing off dead skin cells, but it’s also super hydrating," says Phillips. "Marula oil also has vitamin E in it, so it helps to brighten a bit, too," she adds, praising the product for doing "a little bit of everything."

Phillips’ fave from the new drop, though, is definitely the Super Matte Moisturizer ($16, Sephora):

Sephora Collection Super Matte Moisturizer



"The number one thing people shop for is matte skin," says Phillips, and given that dewy, no-makeup makeup skin has taken over my Instagram feed, I’m partly surprised. "They always shop for matte foundation — that tends to be our number one," she insists, and given that summer heat can lead to overly-oily pores, I can understand why.

"This moisturizer is super hydrating, but it also has the powder in it that makes your skin look really matte," Phillips explains of the unique formula, which has 90% natural ingredients. "I’m obsessed with this one because I feel like it’s perfect for summer, when you’re getting a little hot and sweaty. It really does work."

Last but not least, Phillips believes that the Firming Sleeping Cream ($16, Sephora), will be the sleeper product of the line — no pun intended:

Sephora Collection Firming Sleeping Cream



"[The Firming Sleeping Cream] has fruit peptides in it, and also the fruit acids that help to exfoliate, so it’s exfoliating and firming at the same time," says Phillips. As a lover of alpha hydroxy acids and all the magic they work on my skin, I already know I’ll be a fan of this formula based on ingredients alone. But for Phillips, the best part is how the product feels on the skin. "I like the texture of it; I like the bounce," she says, "The texture itself feels like a night cream, but if you needed something, this would be a great one to wear during the day if you’re super dry."

If you’re looking to snag these products for yourself, you can snag them online and in stores at Sephora now. At under $20 a pop, you best believe I’ll be buying all the newbies and putting them to the test.

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Kim Kardashian's body makeup isn't anti-feminist, it's a lifeline for me

When you have a skin condition, you become adept at finding ways to cover yourself up.

Whether it’s baggy jumpers, nude tights, or roll-on body glitter (90s kids will remember this one), those who have issues like psoriasis and eczema have been perfecting a routine to take attention away from their scabs and flakes since they were old enough to realise that people stare otherwise.

Kim Kardashian is one such psoriasis sufferer, and has been open about the condition since she was diagnosed on Keeping Up With The Kardashians back in 2011.

When she recently announced a new line of body makeup, it was this fact she chose to lead with, Instagramming a video of her applying the foundation onto her legs.

Although she said on the video’s caption that she had ‘learned to live with and not be insecure of [her] psoriasis’ and that the makeup was ‘for days when [she] wants to just cover it up’, it has caused controversy.

Critics have claimed that it adds just another insecurity on to the already heaped pile that women have, and forces them to buy more products and take up more time to fit an acceptable beauty standard.

Kim Kardashian certainly hasn’t invented body makeup. Mac Studio Face and Body foundation has been around for a long time, and provides waterproof coverage wherever you want it. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs has spanned multiple generations, covering up our granny’s varicose veins and giving us a tan on nights out. Wartime women even used gravy browning back in the day to get a glow when nylon stocks were short.

More recently, queen Rihanna brought out Fenty Body Lava last year to rapturous applause. And rightly so – it’s stunning.

I don’t see why Kim – someone who has been open about her own problems and shared something that’s boosted her confidence – is persona non grata now.

As someone who’s had eczema since I was born (which at times was so severe that people asked me if I’d been burned in a house fire) makeup has been a lifeline.

Loving yourself is a lot easier when you’re on your own, and don’t have eyes boring into you from every angle in the street. I’ve seen children whisper to their parents asking what was wrong with me, and one woman audibly gasped when I walked into a doctor’s waiting room.

So saying that you need to simply accept yourself as you are is a lot easier said than done, when the world refuses accept you first.

The mental effects of skin conditions can often feel more pronounced than the physical ones, as the wish to feel normal and not have your body fighting itself from the inside out takes over.

The break that makeup can give you is a welcome one, and allows you to move through the world without being different for once.

Friends of mine with acne or scarring have said similar things, telling me that although makeup certainly isn’t the be-all and end-all, it helps to ease the psychological toll that outward marks can cause.

I’m unclear on why wearing makeup on your face is considered empowering and creative (except in some old-school feminist circles), but having the choice to do so on your legs or arms is oppressive.

These reactionary arguments that turn anything a woman does into a way she’s a good or bad role model are anything but feminist. Surely we’re past the stage where someone wearing makeup or heels or having cosmetic surgery make them a double agent for the patriarchy?

Once again, the body positivity issue is forced back into being a responsibility for women to contend with, rather than us understanding the wider societal issues that cause us to want to change ourselves in the first place.

Just because you believe your stretch marks are tiger stripes, or your scars are a sign of your bravery, doesn’t mean everyone feels the same about their blotches, bruises, pocks, or veins. Kim Kardashian is not the person that’s ever going to change that, and it’s a tired trope to make one person the scapegoat for all of our self love.

There is no caveat when it comes to being a woman who loves herself that says you must only do this in your most bare and natural state. If you feel good when you wear two-inch long acrylic nails or an eyeliner flick Cleopatra would be jealous of, that’s apparently fine.

But when you decide to wear body makeup and take a night off from telling people why your body is covered in scabs? Apparently that’s catering to men and bowing down to a world that wants you to change everything about yourself.

Tina Fey’s character in Mean Girls gave us an important lesson when she said, ‘You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores’.

Can I now extend that invitation, and ask us to stop calling each other out as the ‘wrong type of woman’? All it does is give men the right to tell us that makeup is for bimbos, and that our appearance marks out whether we’re intelligent, worthy, or ‘not like all the other girls’.

If you’ve been lucky enough to never be singled out due to the way your skin looks, then I am genuinely happy for you. But, for people like me who have spent their whole lives dodging jibes and glances, the chance to be anonymous for an evening is not to be sniffed at… And that doesn’t make me any less of a feminist.

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You Won't Believe What Halle Berry Uses To Get Those Sculpted Abs

  • Halle Berry shared a series of Instagram stories working out with her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas.
  • In the videos, she and her trainer demonstrate a five-move ab workout using only a towel.
  • She said “this quick workout… ignites your whole core no matter where you are.”

Halle Berry’s bod is next level. But tbh, usually her workouts look way too complicated to try at home (hi, once she actually flipped tires to break a sweat).

However, the star recently shared a quick ab workout with no fancy equipment required. All you need is a towel. Yes, a towel.

In her latest Fitness Friday video on Instagram, Halle and her trainer Peter Lee Thomas demo her five go-to exercises for abs. Each move incorporates the “seasonal essential – that imma pray you all have 😂 – a TOWEL.”

Halle adds, “This quick workout isolates various muscles in your abdomen to ignite your whole core no matter where you are.”

It’s #FitnessFriday and the #FirstDayOfSummer! For me, this #Summer will be about the power of being SEXY STRONG! Just ask your inner-warrior… Being sexy starts with feeling sexy and when you focus on loving ALL of you, watch just how SEXY you’ll feel! Today, @peterleethomas and I will be demonstrating effective core exercises that can all be completed with ONE seasonal essential -that imma pray you all have 😂 – a TOWEL. This quick workout isolates various muscles in your abdomen to ignite your whole core no matter where you are. Check stories for our 5 go-to summer shred exercises, work the middle, and get your SEXY ON! ♥️ (📷 @grantlegan)

A post shared byHalle Berry (@halleberry) on

Without further ado, grab your towel and follow along with Halle’s abs workout:

1. Straight Arm Towel Sit-Up (10-20 reps)

How to do it: Sit on the floor with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Grab the towel and hold it tight with arms outstretched in front of you. Slowly roll back until your back is flat on the floor and arms are straight above shoulders. Then, return to sitting position as you lift arms above shoulders at a diagonal. That’s one rep.

2. Straight Arm Slow Russian Twist (10-20 reps)

How to do it: Sit on the floor with knees bent and feet crossed and lifted off the floor. Grab the towel with arms straight and hold it tight. Slowly dip arms to the left (keeping them straight) until the left hand touches the floor. Then, dip arms to the right until the right hand touches the floor. Keep everything else still throughout the move. That’s one rep.

3. Squat, Press, Jump, Burpee (10-20 reps)

How to do it: Start standing with feet at hip distance, hold towel tight behind you at shoulders. Squat down, then, press towel up over your head, swing it down and jump over it (like a jump rope). Drop the towel and complete one burpee. That’s one rep.

4. Overhead Towel Bulgarian Back Lunge & Side Knee (10-20 reps)

How to do it: Grab the towel and hold tight with arms straight over head. Step right leg back into lunge. Then, lift right leg with knee bent in front of you and bring towel down to touch your knee before returning to start. Complete with left leg. That’s one rep.

5. Mega Plyo Skaters (10-20 Reps)

How to do it: Place the towel on the floor to create a straight line, ensuring there’s enough space in the room on both sides to jump. Hop over the towel to your left side as you cross your right leg behind your left leg and bend your left knee into a half-squat position. (As you do this, extend your left arm out to the side, and swing your right arm across your hips.) Then, hop over the towel to the right, switching the position of your legs and arms. That’s one rep.

Who knew Halle Berry’s super-toned abs are all thanks to a towel? Well, now you do.

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Mary J. Blige on Her New MAC Lipstick and Wearing Less Makeup

Mary J. Blige on Her New MAC Lipstick and Wearing Less Makeup

Mary J. Blige has already become one of the most famous R&B singers of all time and has nine Grammys to show for it, and now she’s just launched her own lipstick with MAC Cosmetics to celebrate two special anniversaries. This year is the brand’s 25th anniversary, and it’s also the 25th anniversary of Blige’s album My Life. MAC is launching the Love Me Lipstick line as part of the celebration and enlisted Blige (who has now worked with the brand three times) to help.

Blige created her own lipstick for the line, a light pink color with peach undertones called French Silk ($19, available June 23 on the brand’s website), which has a subtle sheen. The bullet of the lipstick is special, too. It features a pink-and-black gradient and includes Blige’s autograph on the tube. “It’s the perfect time to do something like this,” she said. “And here we are today doing this lovely [collaboration] and I chose the Love Me line because that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. Loving me.”

In addition to launching the lipstick, Blige will be joining MAC this year at the Love Ball to support the CFDA-Vogue Initiative for the New York City AIDS Fund.

POPSUGAR sat down with Blige to discuss her career and latest partnership with MAC.

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What to Do With Your Bangs on Hot and Humid Days, According to a Pro

Use Dry Shampoo For Your Bangs

Having a hairstyle with bangs in the Summer can be both chic and stressful. The latter would be courtesy of the season’s unpredictable humidity, causing the fringed hair framing your face to frizz or move out of place. Luckily, there are solutions to this common problem. For the days when it seems like the Summer weather is working against you, we’ve enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins who has styled the hair of Aubrey Plaza, Kiernan Shipka, and Alison Brie to break down the art of wearing bangs in the Summer. From short and baby bangs to ones that drape over your face curtain-style, your hair look will stay cool all season thanks to the tips ahead.

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Live Like A Lord: 10 Things Scott Disick Does To Achieve Success

Scott Disick’s literally a Lord; he did buy himself a knighting ceremony, has his close family refer to him as “The Lord” or “L.D.,” and his Instagram username is “letthelordbewithyou”. With a net worth of $15 million and counting, the TV personality and socialite is the splitting image of success—something a lot of us can only aspire to.

A quick glance at his Instagram profile reveals what most of us can only dream of; snazzy cars, private jets, luxury clothes, sprawling mansions, and, of course, a postcard-pretty family life, with three beautiful children. But it wasn’t that easy to get there. Read on to find out what he does to be and remain, successful.

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10 Be Unconventional And Try Different Things

Scott Disick always tried out different things and never really followed the status quo. While most of us were falling in love in our teens, Disick captured people’s hearts by being a heartthrob literally; he modeled for a series of young adult novels called Heartland by Lauren Brooke, which were aimed at girls between the ages 12 and 17.

Yes, while most of us read romance novels on the sly, he was busy gracing their covers. In short, no matter where you are, remain industrious and make use of whatever opportunities you get.

9 Pay Attention To That Inner Entrepreneur

If you want to be successful, you must learn to be your own boss. If you have the chance and the resources, try to start your own business or a start-up. It may not always pay off, but it’s worth it. That’s what Disick did.

In 2012, he started a Japanese restaurant in New York City, even though it closed after 191 days. He’s been a spokesperson for Amidren, which is a drug for male menopause, as well as a tanning product, again aimed at males. Plus, of course, he’s had his own tv show not surprisingly called “Lord Disick: Lifestyle of a Lord”.

8 Make The Right Connections

Scott Disick, as most of us are aware, rose to fame by dating Kourtney Kardashian. They had an on-off relationship for a while, and he was a regular appearance on the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and was the father of three adorable kids.

Hadn’t it been for the Kardashian connection, we don’t know if he’d still be as famous. Which goes on to show, just how important the right connections and contacts can be. So, if you want to be successful, step up your networking and socializing game.

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7 Seriously, Be The Best Host That You Can Be

Scott Disick’s been featured on a number of television shows. And you know why? It’s because he can be a charming and engaging host. In fact, Disick is so good at his job that he does a variety of paid hosting gigs at fancy night clubs and pool parties. He probably makes $100,000 just for showing up.

If you’re an extrovert and you’re good at performing or public speaking, make the best use of your talents. Get yourself out there and get that exposure. Be the life of the party at an event- and people will be so charmed, you’ll start getting the invitations.

6 Celebrate Your Success

Your success is meaningless unless you can properly celebrate and cherish it. All of us have our own methods of celebrating our achievements and the things we’re proud of. For Disick, it’s his Instagram, on which he likes to brag about his expensive watches, sunglasses and private jets.

Try keeping a diary or document your little successes on social media. Not only will you be cheered on, but you’ll also inspire a host of other people, and one day, as you scroll down your past posts, you’ll be amazed at just how far you’ve come.

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5 You Don’t Have To Follow Society’s Expectations

Society expects us to go to school, get a job, start a family, buy a house—but what if you could do things differently? What if you could do things your way? What if you could skip some of the steps and fast forward to the ones that matter to you?

Well, in the case, just take a leaf out of Scott Disick’s book. Like so many other millionaires and billionaires, Scott Disick was a school drop-out. He’d been going to a posh private school in East Hampton and he dropped out to follow his dreams.

4 Always Make Time For Yourself

Success requires hard work and perseverance, yes, but don’t let that kill you. No matter what you do, always make time for yourself and for the people and things that matter to you.

For instance, Scott Disick always enjoyed playing hockey and snowboarding. Now, he makes sure that he still has time to enjoy it. From time to time, he decides to take a trip to the mountains and relax by snowboarding. So don’t give up on your hobbies in your quest for success. Sometimes, that’s all that might help to keep you sane.

3 Focus On Your Personality

Have you noticed how certain successful people can just fill a room by the sheer force of their personality? Cultivating a charismatic personality is very important to success, particularly in the showbiz and entertainment industry. Scott Disick has got great looks and a great personality, so people naturally flock to him.

If you want to be popular and loved, you need to earn it from the people. So take a look at your personality and figure out ways to make yourself more charming and endearing to people. It will work wonders.

2 Don’t Let Your Mistakes Define You

We all make mistakes. We all goof up. We’ve all made decisions that we’ve later regretted. It’s all part and parcel of growing up and being human, but we shouldn’t let our mistakes define us or stop us from succeeding. Instead, we should learn from them and move on.

Scott Disick, for instance, has a juvenile criminal record. Even before he turned 18, he’s been arrested twice once for exceeding the speed limit and once for driving under influence. However, he didn’t let these incidents tarnish his reputation or jeopardize his career.

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1 Go For What You Want

No one’s going to serve you success on a platter; if you want something, you have to go out there and get it. Scott Disick was born to a wealthy family, but his parents lost their fortune. But he didn’t let that faze him.

After becoming a household name on the Kardashians show, he started his own tv show, dabbled in modeling and real estate and even started a Japanese restaurant and hosted events in nightclubs. Pretty eclectic right? He also uses Instagram to document his lavish lifestyle as well as his journey.

So take the inspiration and chase your dreams till you catch them. And, while you’re at it, make sure you have some fun.

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Amber Heard Debuts Brand New Short Pink Hair — See Before & After Pics

Amber Heard ditched her long blonde hair for a brand new, short pink hairstyle, which she debuted in LA on June 17!

Amber Heard, 33, drastically changed her look, when she was out and about in LA on June 17, with short hair, dyed a pastel pink. Amber has been rocking her long blonde hair lately, so when she stepped out with light pink hair, we were totally shocked. The actress was leaving a business meeting when she opted to wear an all-black, edgy business ensemble, which made her peachy hair stick out. She threw on a pair of mid-rise black skinny jeans with cropped and frayed ankles, paired with a sheer black tank-top tucked in. Cinching in her tiny waist was a thick black leather belt with a gold clasp, and an oversized wool blazer tied her look together. She topped her look off with a few layered gold necklaces and black patent leather oxford shoes. The best part of her look was without a doubt her new hair, though, as it was dyed a light pink with shades of peach. Her hair was down in natural beach waves, swept over to one side.

While Amber is always switching up her hairstyle, she hasn’t dyed her hair a totally different color, so her new pink hair was definitely a shock. Amber manages to pull off any outfit or hairstyle she tries out, though, and she can totally rock this new pink ‘do. Just recently, Amber stepped out in LA on June 9, wearing a sheer Re/Done Ribbed Tank in Optic White with no bra underneath, tucked into a pair of mid-rise black waxed skinny jeans, and accessorized with black and white oxford T.U.K. Original Footwear Perforated Jam Shoes and a large black leather Dean Accessories B15 Strap Tote Bag. Her blonde hair was left down naturally in beach waves, which dried in perfect curls.

Meanwhile, she showed off a slew of gorgeous hairstyles when she was at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, and one of our favorites was her hair at the Pain and Glory premiere on May 17. Amber looked stunning in a deep red, Mikado silk Elie Saab Fall/Winter 2019 Pret-A-Porter Collection gown featuring an asymmetrical ruffled bodice, paired with matching over-the-knee boots. However, her hair stole the show, as it was left down and straight, with the entire crown of her head slicked back in a sleek look. One side of her slicked back hair featured a high bouffant, as the rest of her hair was tight against her head.

Pink hair is seriously hard to pull off, and Amber just proved that she can pull off any look, as her new hair looks perfect.

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