8 Fresh Outfits to Wear During the Summer-to-Fall Transition

8 Fresh Outfits to Wear During the Summer-to-Fall Transition

Transitional dressing is one of those topics that’s spoken about in fashion, but not always decoded in full. Like, what exactly constitutes a “transitional outfit”? Should a look be centered around Summer essentials or heavier Fall pieces? Are there key components and formulas to know? Furthermore, how does one know when one has nailed a transitional outfit? Who approves these looks? Is there a between-season fairy godmother we can tap to confirm?!

In my opinion, the short answer is: there are no rules when it comes to transitional dressing! Anything goes! Do you! However, there are a few key styling tips that are helpful for every woman to master, from the jackets and sweaters that are best for layering over dresses to the types of boots that effortlessly extend the life of summery separates and textured extras that help make lightweight pieces feel Fall appropriate.

So, to prepare you for the in-between season, ahead, I’m breaking down eight transitional outfits that are A) perfect for Summer-to-Fall weather, B) fresh and fun, and C) inspired by some of my favorite fashion influencers. Exciting, yeah?! To make the deal even sweeter, I’ve shopped out each transitional outfit with similar styles that range from affordable finds to investment-worthy pieces. You’ve got this.

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My baby made a strange whimpering noise – then died in my arms five days later – The Sun

A HEARTBROKEN mum has revealed her baby daughter died in her arms, just five days after she made a strange "whimpering sound".

Mum-of-two Nicole Dugmore, 27, got just six days with Caitlin Charlotte Sullivan, before she made the difficult decision to turn off her life support.

Born in April 2017, Caitlin was Nicole's first child with partner Richard Sullivan, 34, a production operative.

After a night in hospital, the pair returned to their Birmingham home with big sister Janey, then eight, Nicole's child from a previous relationship, who helped give Caitlin her first bath.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Nicole said: "Janey was so excited. We washed Caitlin’s hair, then I settled her down in her crib. We were enjoying every moment."

While Caitlin slept, her parents watched her proudly. There was no cause for concern, until the day-old tot made a small whimpering sound.

She didn't seem distressed, but Nicole mentioned it to the community midwife when she visited soon after.

The midwife said Caitlin looked pale and took her temperature – which gave a low reading – then advised Nicole to take her daughter back to Good Hope Hospital.

Nicole said: "There, a midwife took Caitlin from me, telling me she was very cold. Dread swept over me. Within minutes, everything went wrong."

One minute we were at home giving Caitlin her first bath – the next, she was fighting for her life

Nearly an hour later, Richard and Nicole were taken to see their baby. She had been put on a life support machine.

Nicole said: "I broke down when I saw her. I felt so helpless and afraid.

"One minute we were at home giving Caitlin her first bath – the next, she was fighting for her life."

Doctors warned the parents Caitlin was in a critical condition.

Nicole said: "I still thought Caitlin would be alright. We’d bring her home again, I was sure."

Caitlin was transferred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and her parents stayed by her side throughout.

Nicole said: "I couldn’t leave her. Janey stayed with her dad but called me constantly, asking for news.

"I didn’t know what to say to her. I didn’t know what was going on."

As the days went on, and Caitlin showed no signs of improvement, Nicole brought Janey to meet the sister she'd only had a few hours to get to know.

Nicole said: "The hospital made Janey a folder full of pictures and explanations of Caitlin’s machines, which gave her an understanding of what was going on.

"I warned her, before we entered the intensive care ward together, Caitlin was very, very poorly.

"She took a deep breath, told me she’d be OK and rushed to her little sister’s side, giving her the most gentle kiss."

Caitlin was going to die. She was in terrible pain – so we decided to turn off her life support and put her out of her struggle

While Caitlin fought for life, her family cherished every moment they had with her.

Caitlin squeezed Richard’s finger. She opened her eyes and gazed at Nicole.

Nicole said: "We weren’t allowed to hold Caitlin, so for her to make contact with me was huge."

Meanwhile, friends and family kept texting to ask for news, thinking the family were settling in at home.

The parents set up a Facebook page called Pray for Cait, to keep everyone updated.

Nicole said: "Doctors performed countless tests and Caitlin had round-the-clock care.

"Like us, the medical team didn’t leave her side. Caitlin fought so hard, but then her bowel started to fail.

"A doctor warned us there was nothing more that could be done."

Caitlin’s organs were failing and it was looking unlikely she’d survive the night.

Richard and Nicole had to have an impossible conversation.

At home that night, life felt surreal. We had balloons and cards all over the house, congratulating us on our baby. But we had no baby

Nicole said: "Caitlin was going to die.

"She was in terrible pain and, as we loved her with all our hearts, we decided to turn off her life support and put her out of her struggle.

"I’d have done anything to have one more minute with my baby, but not in those circumstances. I had to do what was right for her, not me."

A doctor unhooked the machines and put Caitlin in her mum’s arms, the first time Nicole had been allowed to hold her since they’d arrived back in hospital.

Nicole said: "I asked Caitlin to wait for me, wherever she was going, because I’d be with her one day.

"Caitlin took her last breath, just as Richard and I told her we loved her."

After six days of life, she was gone.


Congenital heart disease is a term for a range of birth defects which affect the way the heart works.

Signs something's wrong include:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Rapid breathing
  • Swelling of the legs, tummy or around the eyes
  • Extreme tiredness/fatigue
  • A blue tinge to the skin
  • Tiredness and rapid breathing when your baby is feeding

Nicole said: "At home that night, life felt surreal. We had balloons and cards all over the house, congratulating us on our baby. But we had no baby."

Four weeks later, Nicole had the difficult task of preparing baby Caitlin for her funeral.

She said: "Caitlin’s colour was lemon, because she was bright, like the sun.

"I dressed her in a lemon-coloured dress and tucked her lemon-coloured blanket up around her.

"She had deteriorated so much, she didn’t look like Caitlin anymore.

"But I don’t regret the decision to make sure Caitlin was OK in her coffin.

"I felt I owed it to her to make sure she looked lovely before she went off on her final journey."

Richard and Nicole grieved in different ways, and started to grow apart.

Five months after Caitlin's death, they agreed to break up.

But they remain friends and meet up to mark their daughter's birthday every year.

They also changed the name of Caitlin’s Facebook page to Live for Cait – and continue to post updates.

I felt haunted by memories of Caitlin dying in my arms and lying in a coffin

In December 2017, Nicole and Janey moved to Somerset for a fresh start.

Nicole said: "I felt haunted by memories of Caitlin dying in my arms and lying in a coffin.

"My GP diagnosed me with PTSD and arranged a counsellor. Therapy was so helpful.

"I learned how PTSD causes traumatic memories to stay lodged at the forefront of the brain.

"I also learned how to focus on positive memories of Caitlin and I emerged as a new, stronger woman because of her."

A post-mortem, done before Caitlin's funeral, revealed her heart was enlarged and couldn't function properly.

It couldn’t pump blood around her body, which led to multiple organ failure. Her condition was so rare, it doesn’t have a name.

There was nothing anyone could have done differently. 

Nicole said: "Caitlin had an extra big heart because she had an extreme amount of love to give.

"We try and capture the love she gave us and keep it with us in all we do.


"Caitlin’s legacy is happiness. We want people to know it’s OK to feel happy again after tragedy.

"In Caitlin’s memory, I’m training to be a paramedic. I want to save lives and save people from grief.

"I want to make Caitlin proud. If I can’t live with Caitlin, I must live for her."

Earlier this week, we spoke to a mum who revealed her daughters found their sister, 21, dead in the bath – and said "I’m still haunted by their screams".

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The Wildest, Craziest Red Carpet VMA Looks of All Time

Since its inception in 1984, the annual MTV Video Music Awards has boasted some of the wildest red carpets in Hollywood — and we’re celebrating them all! After all, when the folks who make their living creating fabulous stage shows and over-the-top videos get together, you have to expect some d-r-a-m-a. Think nearly nude everything, outfits made of plastic, matching couples in denim and painted-on frocks that make you wonder how many people were involved in the getting-dressed process.

Without further ado, let’s take a look back at the boldest styles of all time, including those worn by Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Lil’ Kim — and so, so many more. Who will we add to the list after the 2019 VMAs? Your guess is as good as ours!

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10 times down-to-earth Kate Middleton has been Queen Thrifty – from budget flights to bargain fashion rails – The Sun

SHE may be married to the future heir to the throne and live in a palace – but Kate Middleton is a firm lover of being thrifty.

The Duchess of Cambridge, 37, has been snapped shopping in bargain outlets, wearing high street labels and even did her own wedding make-up.

This week Flybe passengers were shocked when Kate and the rest of the Cambridge brood boarded a budget flight from Norwich to Aberdeen to visit Balmoral.

This came days after 'eco warriors' Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were slammed for taking four private jets in 11 days after doing speeches on climate change. 

And it’s not the first time Kate has shunned luxury travel – after reportedly turning down a first class airline ticket when she flew to the Caribbean in 2008.

Here are all the times “thrifty Kate” proved she loves a bargain like the rest of us…

1. Loves bargains from The Range

Forget getting Christmas presents at Harrods or in designer stores, the Duchess of Cambridge stunned ­shoppers in 2018 by popping into budget store The Range to buy festive gifts.

Kate, 37, who was with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, mingled with crowds in cut-price outlet.

She bought trolley-loads of pictures, children’s books and artist materials then queued at the tills – to the amazement of those who spotted her.

2. Did her own wedding make-up

She may have access to the best make-up artists in the world, but for her highly-publicised wedding to Prince William in 2011, Kate had a rather frugal approach.

The duchess did her own make-up for the big day, which was watched by millions around the world.

She told aides that she “knows her own face” and looked simply breathtaking with the natural look she went for.

3. Uses budget airlines

Down-to-earth Kate and William travelled with the budget airline from Norwich International Airport to Aberdeen Airport this week on their way to visit the Queen.

The total cost for the family of five would have been just £365.

Footage shows Prince William struggling across the runway while holding four bags with his son George, six, and daughter Charlotte, four, in tow.

Stunned passengers also watched as Kate followed carrying one-year-old Louis, who appeared to be looking around the runway.

Although all the royals use private jets upon occasion, including Kate, she has been known to shun special treatment in the past when she is heading on holiday.

4. Makes packed lunches

All eyes were on the royals as the Cambridges and the Sussexes went to the polo in July to watch Prince William and Prince Harry take part in a charity match.

Just like any other mum with hungry kids, Kate Middleton was seen handing round packed lunches to her excitable brood.

Princess Charlotte was seen tucking into some tasty snacks from inside a colourful lunchbox.

5. Likes the bargain rail at Bicester Village

Who doesn’t love a bargain find? Kate Middleton certainly does.

The duchess has been spotted visiting Bicester Village shopping outlet in Oxfordshire, according to author Mark Ellwood, who wrote Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World.

Mark wrote: "I went into Reiss to buy a sweater I bought at retail in navy, and they had it in brown for £20. I got chatting to a beautiful English rose behind the counter and asked why they were so many Chinese shoppers in the store – there are no Reiss stores in China – and she said: 'Oh, it’s Kate Middleton – she’s in here all the time.

"'You look up and there’ll be Kate and her same two friends going through the 60 per cent off rack.'"

6. Shops high street

  • Polly petal drop earrings, £8 from Accessorize – buy now

Kate looks breathtaking regardless of what she wears, and you’d never guess that some of her fashion finds are from the high street.

In her picturesque Chelsea Flower Show photos inside her Back to Nature garden, the mum-of-three opted to wear some £8 earrings from Accessorize.

She’s also mixed items from Topshop, Zara and Gap into her wardrobe too.

7. Dresses Prince George in £2.50 tops

  • Striped polo top, two for £5 from H&M – buy now

Not only does Kate love a high street find, but she also likes to dresses her kids in some affordable clobber too.

When her and Prince William took part in the recent King’s Cup regatta on the Isle of Wight earlier this month, she dressed Prince George in a £2.50 top.

The little royal wore a H&M blue and white striped polo top, which costs £5 for a pack of two.

8. Reuses William’s clothes

Why buy a whole new set of baby and kids’ clothes when you have a wardrobe in supply?

Kate often puts her sons in clothes that used to be belong to Prince William back when he was a youngster, including some of his colourful shorts.

Some people have said this gives the children a slightly old-fashion style at times, but according to experts it is so they also look “timeless.”

Childrenswear designer Rachel Riley, who's dressed George on a number of occasions, told The Telegraph: "The reason why I design clothes that way is because if they wear very simple things, it’s about the child, and it’s timeless in that you can’t really date a specific photo or put them in something that seems out of date.”

9. Loves recycling looks

Kate’s stunning wardrobe is one of the most enviable ones in Britain and her style has been dubbed the “Kate Middleton effect” after everything she wears sells out.

But the duchess often makes a point of wearing her clothes on multiple occasions to get full use out of them.

She’s often been an “outfit repeater” but adds new styling tweaks for each occasion.

10. Takes own snaps

Kate could easily hire some swanky photographer to take all of her official snaps but she likes to get hands on and stuck in.

The duchess has showed off her developing photography skills over the years at key mile stones, such as taking Prince George’s sixth birthday shots in July.

Granted she probably has a good camera to help, but she does seem to have a knack for capturing her kids and also is said to be learning and improving her style.

We shared how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘WILL go to ex Cressida Bonas’ wedding’ because they’re ‘still good friends despite the history’.

And Prince Harry and Meghan Markle WON’T be joining Kate Middleton and Prince William this weekend at Balmoral.

And Cressida ended their relationship after being ‘spooked’ watching William and Kate’s first overseas tour with Prince George on TV, royal expert claims.

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10 Affordable Outfits to Wear With Boots Now and Through Fall

10 Affordable Outfits to Wear With Boots Now and Through Fall

There are a lot of things we love about Fall fashion, but boots rank pretty dang high on our lists. Think about it: What other accessory truly defines the season more than boots? Nothing! OK, that might be a bit dramatic, there are plenty of other cool-weather accessories we love from loafers to textured bags and hats. But boots just get us especially excited for Fall, which is why we’re already planning fresh outfit formulas to wear with all our favorite styles.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Summer isn’t over, nor do you want it to end. I’m with you! I live for a breezy dress-and-sandal look on a balmy Summer day. However, right now is when all of our favorite stores and brands are debuting their new Fall arrivals, so there’s no better time to start preparing a fresh lineup of outfits for the new season. And as you might guess, we’re all for said looks to center around your favorite boots.

Whether you tend toward classic styles, Western silhouettes, or are all about trendy animal print, ahead, get inspired by the 10 super-stylish outfits that center around boots, courtesy of fashion influencers we love. And because we want you to be as prepared as possible for the new season, we shopped out each outfit head-to-toe, all with affordable pieces including under-$100 styles from our very own POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s.

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Grandad's 12 stone weight loss in a year after promising his dying daughter he'd lose weight to look after her kids

AS his daughter lay dying, Mike Summers knew he had one life-changing promise he had to make her.

Tipping the scales at 30 stone, he realised he desperately needed to shed half his body weight in order to care for Sarah's three children.

And in his final conversation with his 29-year-old daughter before she passed away from breast cancer in 2016, Mike vowed to get in shape so he could be a proper grandfather to her kids.

After a year battling health problems and grieving the loss of daughter, Mike was finally ready to go about keeping the promise he made and signed up to Slimming World in 2018.

And, just one year later, he is an impressive 12 stone lighter after losing a pound a month to reach 14 stone this summer.

The plasterer, from Caerphilly in South Wales, explained: "The last conversation I had with my daughter was I had to try and be around to help my son in law with her kids.

"I was being selfish. It is only when I lost my daughter did I realise that if something happened to me, I would be leaving everyone else behind.

"The reason why I have done this is not for my own personal gain, but for everybody.

"My goal was to make sure I could be around for my family and you could not get a better motivation than that."

My goal was to make sure I could be around for my family and you could not get a better motivation than that

Mike has manage to lose a huge 12st 3lb so far – which he has dubbed the "single best achievement" in his life.

Before his weight loss journey, he would gorge on several pasties for breakfast, multiple sandwiches for lunch and a takeaway for dinner.

And with extra snacks and sugary drinks throughout the day, he knew he was putting his health at risk and needed to change.

In 2018, he was even rushed to hospital because of the strain his weight was putting on his body.

Mike still suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – a condition that reduces lung capacity and makes it difficult to breathe.

He also has an atrial fibrillation of the heart, which causes an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate.

Mike told WalesOnline: "With the COPD, the weight was crushing my lungs and it was so straining.

"It also meant that my heart had to work a lot harder because I was carrying so much weight."

Despite both conditions being chronic, they are manageable and Mike is determined to carry on.

He added: "Now I have lost all this weight, it has got a thousand times better.

"I feel fitter now than I did when I was in my 40s."

Mike said attending the Slimming World group, which is run by Kim O'Leary, was the best form of support he could get throughout his weight loss journey.

"The support from the other people in the group and from Kim was amazing. I couldn't have done it without them."

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Meghan Markle ‘wants to make a difference’ and ‘be seen as down to earth’ in Smart Works charity video, body language expert reveals – The Sun

MEGHAN Markle gave fans a sneak peek at her new clothing collection for charity Smart Works showing a behind-the-scenes clip on Instagram.

Smiling and clapping in joy, the duchess, 38, showed off snaps of the line, and a body language expert said she just “wants to make a difference” and “be seen as down to earth”.

In the video, the mum-of-one greets women connected to the charity and oversees a photoshoot for the womenswear collection, which hits shelves in autumn.

Judi James told Fabulous Digital: “Dressed in stylish casuals rather than royal smarts and using lowering, self-diminishing and even pseudo-infantile body language techniques, Meghan seems to want to be seen as a tactile, accessible and down to earth woman who is immersed in her hands-on charity work.

“Her hands to mouth giggling at the camera suggests she is keen to show her humble side, as does her trait of hunching up to make herself smaller as she hugs and is hugged by the other women.”

Judi added that there seems to be an “air of resilience” to her glimpses.

She explained: “This is as though she wants to show who she really is behind the glitz and how she sees herself making a difference to obviously very grateful people's lives.”

The clips were shared last night on the Sussex Royal account and the Story was captioned: “Behind the scenes…

“A sneak peek at the new @SmartworksCharity capsule collection shoot, ahead of the autumn launch.

“An initiative supporting the Smart Works collective which will equip women entering the work force with the key work wear essentials they need.”

Smart Works – one of Meghan's patronages – helps women back into the world of work by providing them with new outfits, coaching and the confidence they need to shine at a job interview

The idea behind the range is to create a “capsule collection of more classic options for a workwear wardrobe”.


Smart Works helps woman get back into the workplace by providing them with clothes, confidence and the coaching they need to succeed at a job interview.

Smart Works helps over 2,000 women every year across two offices in London, with over one in two clients succeeding at their job interview.

Upon booking, each client is given a two-hour appointment where they receive one complete outfit for their interview which they can keep, free of charge, before taking part in a one-to-one interview coaching session.

The clothes are a mix of new and slightly worn pieces and if the client is successful in any interview, they are able to return to Smart Works for another appointment where they will receive more items of clothing to help build a working wardrobe.

The Duchess of Sussex has asked John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Jigsaw to create a fashion line which will benefit the organisation.

The new clips appear to reveal what to expect from the clothing line, with a woman snapped modelling a classic black dress with a v-shaped neckline.

And on the photo reel another woman poses in a white shirt – one of Meghan’s wardrobe staples.

All the clothing, designed by Meghan’s friend Misha Nonoo, appears to reflect the Duchess’ chic, minimalist style.

Meghan herself is dressed casually in jeans, a blue striped shirt from Frank & Eileen and nude heels in the clips.


The National Theatre

The National Theatre’s mission is to make world class theatre that’s entertaining, challenging and inspiring – and to make it for everyone.

The Association of Commonwealth Universities

Established in 1913, the ACU is the world's first and oldest international university network, with more than 500 member institutions in over 50 countries.

Smart Works

Created in September 2013 Smart Works exists to help long term unemployed and vulnerable women regain the confidence they need to succeed at job interviews, return to employment and transform their lives.


Established in 1886 and entirely funded by public donations Mayhew is an animal welfare charity working to improve the lives of dogs, cats and people in communities both in London and internationally.

The clothing range will be hitting shelves later this year, in partnership with Marks & Spencer and John Lewis.

Sussex Royal previously posted about Meghan’s new venture, saying: “After quiet visits to Smart Works over the last year, The Duchess was moved by the impactful work being done by this non-profit organisation that helps women into the workforce, equipping them with both the skills and clothes they need to feel job-ready.”

The sneak peek comes as Meghan and Prince Harry have come under fire for taking four private jets in 11 days while flying to Ibiza for Meghan's birthday and then to Elton John's £15million home in Nice.

The gas-guzzling trips have seen critics call the Sussexes hyprocrites after Prince Harry recently talked about saving the planet and climate change at Google Camp. 

Elton revealed he paid for the private Cessna jets to and from his home – which would have cost around £12,000 – for the "couple's protection".

However, it is estimated the journeys would have generated seven times the emissions per person when compared to a commercial flight.

Stars such as Ellen DeGeneres, Pink and Jameela Jamil have since come out defending the couple for being "compassionate" individuals, and called for "bullying" to stop.

We shared how The Queen is astonished and very impressed by ‘Hurricane’ Meghan Markle’s work ethic, royal author claims.

And Meghan is reportedly writing her first kids book believed to be about her beloved rescue dogs.

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Why You Should Wear Red Lipstick on a Date (There’s Science Involved)

We are all about that hair — and makeup too! Here at Stylish, we’ve never seen a hairstyle or makeup trend we couldn’t talk about for days on end, so we started a podcast to dish on all the latest beauty news — from hits and misses on the red carpet to celebrity hair and makeup gurus’ dos and don’ts. Each week, Us Weekly executive editor of beauty and style Gwen Flamberg talks with some of the best in the biz about what’s new in hair, makeup and style in our Get Tressed With Us podcast. Listen above!

This week, Gwen and Us Weekly deputy beauty and style director Beth Shapouri welcome Rachel Felder, author of Author of Red Lipstick: An Ode to a Beauty Icon to talk, well, all things lipstick! She shares fascinating stats about the history of red lipstick, how to apply it evenly and why you need to wear it on your next big date! And of course, the expert dishes on the celebrities who wear the iconic shade the best, including Madonna, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and more.

She went as far as interviewing scientists about the effect of red lipstick on the wearer and the observer. “It’s been proven that the gaze on someone who wears red lipstick is longer than the gaze on someone who wears no lipstick or neutral lipstick,” sas Felder. “There’s this theoretical correlation that many scientists agree that the redness simulates sexual arousal.” Don’t worry — there even more interesting red lipstick science to learn more about in the book (available now!)

Nars Keeps Posting Phallic Lipstick Videos on Instagram and It’s Gone So Far That Pornhub Is Involved

For more of the week’s beauty and style news — including Felder’s very important tips to know to make your lipstick lasts all day and night — make sure to listen to the full podcast above and subscribe!

For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on Youtube!

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Ultimate post-holiday survival guide to beat the back-to-work blues from not dieting to prolonging your tan – The Sun

WE spend weeks getting prepped for big summer getaways but what about when we return?

No one is ready for the 7am alarm or the fact there is no longer anything “happy” about the hour between 4pm and 5pm.

To make the transition more manageable, here we compile the ultimate post-holiday survival guide to get you back on track . . .


Sleep off the blues: A recent poll revealed the average person takes three days to return to a normal sleep pattern after a holiday.

Every night, go to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual. Even if you lie there and read for the first few days, eventually it will get you falling asleep quicker and getting the full eight hours you need. This will make you full of energy rather than irritable.

Tech a break: After a week away from screens, tech overload can wreak havoc with your mood.

Watch only one episode of a box set in the evening and take regular breaks from computers at work. Switch off electronics and dim the lights an hour before bedtime to allow the mind to calm down.

Look forward: Plan meet-ups with friends or date nights with your partner. It will lessen the burden of the daily grind if you have some fun things to look forward to.

Keep reading: If you enjoyed a book while away, don’t give up the moment you’re back. Find the time to get stuck into another page-turner.


Don’t crash diet: Instead of panicking about the daily ice creams and extra bread while away, just tell yourself you will restart healthier eating slowly.

Avoid cutting out food groups or starting a crash diet the second you step off the plane. Your body won’t know what has hit it and will soon come crashing down. Balance is key so start re-introducing healthy dinner options and fewer snacks.

Sweat yourself happy: Schedule in some fitness to boost your mood. Whether it’s a long walk with a friend, a gym class or a swim at the local pool, getting the blood pumping will work wonders to boost your mood.

Beat the bloat: If you’ve been eating all the “wrong” foods while away, taken full advantage of the all-inclusive bar and spent hours on a plane, chances are you’re going to be feeling pretty bloated.

Try increasing the natural probiotics in your diet to balance out your gut bacteria. Greek yoghurt, sauerkraut and sourdough bread are great options for this.

Start the day right: Skipping breakfast is a no-no. Boost your metabolism and energy levels with scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast to fill you up till lunch. Or make a nutritious bowl of oats with nuts and a drizzle of honey


Save your scalp: Just like your skin, your scalp needs soothing after a week in the sun, too.

Philip Kingsley after-sun scalp mask, £18, contains chamomile and pro vitamin B5 to condition your strands and soothe your scalp while making damaged locks look perfect.

Smell exotic: Smell like a tropical goddess — even if your days now involve a trip to the supermarket rather than the beach — with Hawaiian Tropic after-sun body butter in exotic coconut, £6. It moisturises and leaves a dreamy scent that will remind you of your holiday all day long.

Rehydrate: After sun exposure, alcohol, plane trips and late nights, you’ll probably come home dehydrated. To keep your skin looking fresh, prevent spot outbreaks and banish dark circles, drink at least two litres of water a day.

You can also add in some herbal teas. Pukka’s green collection, £3, not only rehydrates but also fills you up with powerful antioxidants.

Prolong your tan: One of the best ways to keep your tan is to take cold showers. Turning the temperature down boosts circulation and dehydrates skin less.


Unpacking: Leaving a half-unpacked suitcase strewn across your bedroom floor is only going to make your post-holiday blues worse.

So get the washing on within 24 hours of arriving home.

Declutter: Take a look at what you haven’t worn all summer and ask yourself if you really need it. Then take unworn items to a charity shop and box seasonal items away. The space you’ve cleared will calm you.

One-treat rule: Yes, you’re skint from your holiday but going back to work is a chore. Lessen the burden by allowing yourself one cheap treat this month.

A new bag, some killer earrings or a blouse you feel fantastic in will boost your confidence on the dreaded return.

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Granfluencer, 76, models at Fashion Week and shows older people can be stylish

Judith Boyd is 76 – but that didn’t stop her modelling trendsetting designs at New York Fashion Week.

She describes herself as a ‘granfluencer’ – a senior influencer on social media and she now has over 50,000 followers on Instagram.

The former psychiatric nurse Judith Boyd, a widow with three children and eight grandchildren, named her blog ‘style crone’ and says she wants to use the word to celebrate rather than denigrate older woman.

Judith, of Denver, Colorado, USA, said: ‘Crone used to be a positive description of an older woman, who would have been celebrated in traditional cultures, but today it is used to describe an ‘ugly old woman.

‘I want to change that and raise awareness of the original meaning of the word, to help celebrate older women.

‘Ageism divides the generations, which is bad for both younger and older people, and I think, as a mature woman, it’s never been more important to be out there and visible and talking to people of all ages, which is what I do.’

Surprisingly, Judith only stared modelling a few years ago, aged 72.

‘I joined a modelling agency a couple of years ago,’ she said ‘I’ve done a jewellery ad campaign and I’ve walked on the runway for a Denver designer, opening their show during New York Fashion Week earlier this year.

‘It just goes to show it is never too late.’

Before then, the world of fashion had always been far from her day-to-day life.

She grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota in the American mid-west, with three brothers.

She had single aunts who worked in the city and she always regarded them as the epitome of glamour.

She said: ‘I loved dressing up from a young age, although there was no focus on style in my immediate family.

‘I remember having a number of aunts who worked in the city. They were secretaries and teachers and I thought they were very stylish.

‘Back then, you could not teach and be married, so the ones that were teachers must have been single and I did think they were very glamorous.’

Aged 18, Judith left the farm to start her nursing training in the city of Minneapolis, which was four hours away from where she grew up.

Judith started to develop her unique sense of style and her passion for vintage clothes, especially hats, after moving away.

She said: ‘I was working as a psychiatric nurse in the emergency department of a large hospital, so my day was filled with talking to people who were traumatised, suicidal, homicidal and psychotic,” she said.

‘They would be in the middle of the biggest crisis of their lives and I found I was good at talking to them, because I was empathetic.

‘I would think about what to wear to work in the morning, because I no longer had to wear a nursing uniform and, in a way, my clothes prepared me for the day. They allowed me to express myself and I know my patients appreciated that in their day too.’

She married age 23 and had two children, Troy, 49 and Tania, 47, but they separated in 1975 and she moved to Denver in Colorado to be closer to friends.

Two years later in 1977 she met Nelson, who she married in 1980.  The father of her third child, Camille, 38, he loved hats, too, and, like Judith, was innately stylish.

She was devastated when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, and was taken from her in 2011, aged 62, just nine months after they launched her style blog, which she says helped her to keep going after his death.

‘I carried on blogging to honour Nelson. When he died, it was so hard to think about going on without him, but the blog helped,’ she said.

‘I blogged throughout the time he was dying. He would have a chemotherapy appointment and I would decide what to wear and then write a blog about what you wear to go to chemotherapy with your dying husband.

‘Nelson would take the photos when we were alone together, before his treatment started, so he really helped me lay the foundations for the life I have now and my reinvention of myself after his death.

‘I realised when Nelson died that there are things that happen that we cannot control in our lives, but there are also things like what we wear, what we eat and whether we exercise or not, which we do choose.’

Now an avid campaigner against ageism, Judith hopes that her blog and her positive attitude to life in her 70s, will inspire other women to realise that age is just a number.

‘I’ve just started a new project working with widows where I combine my mental health background with my style in telling the story of my own loss and reinvention and I hope that helps inspire others,’ she said.

And by continuing with her blogging and Instagram she feels she has found a way of keeping the love story she shared with Nelson alive.

‘I have had some very positive responses and the modelling has been wonderful,” she said.

‘It really was a way to lighten up a devastating experience, Nelson would have supported it completely.’

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