Grammys: Harry Styles makes gracious speech after awards win

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Adele Adkins, 34, missed out on getting her third Album of the Year award for her recent album 30, losing to Harry Styles with Harry’s House. As cameras showed the audience’s reaction to Harry’s win and his speech, eagle-eyed viewers caught sight of Adele walking away from her spot while he spoke.

Adele, Harry, Lizzo and seven other artists went head-to-head on Sunday evening in the hopes of winning the coveted Album of the Year gramophone.

The Tottingham-born singer won the award for her two previous albums, 25 and 21, and was looking to make it a trilogy of award-winning records.

However, Harry’s name was called instead, with the Watermelon Sugar singer visibly more shocked than anyone around him.

As the winner was announced, the other celebrities at the tables surrounding Harry leapt to their feet and applauded the singer, while Adele could be seen sitting near Lizzo.

The Rolling In The Deep singer remained seated until Harry got to the microphone, and observant viewers noticed her suddenly start walking away as the Grammy-award-winner began speaking.

As the cameras panned around the room capturing the audience’s reaction to Harry’s speech, Adele was spotted right in front of the camera this time.

She nudged past Lizzo, who seemed entirely fixated on the stage until the singer walked past.

The About Damn Time hitmaker burst into laughter as Adele continued walking past with a small smile on her face.

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Fans were quick to question if the singer had walked out of the venue entirely, with one writing on Twitter: “Adele leaving during Harry Styles’s little speech and Lizzo understanding why has me weak.”

As Harry wrapped up his speech, the camera returned to the audience, showing fans that Adele had seemingly just migrated to another seat.

The Hello singer was seen smiling and nodding in agreement with her fellow UK-born singer as he finished speaking.

Harry turned to his collaborator, Kid Harpoon, to hand off the Grammy and took a step back from the microphone.

Kid, 40, who is the producer of Harry’s House, was quick to thank his girlfriend and his children, concluding with “turtle power!”

While Kid was talking, Adele was then seen standing next to Lizzo again, applauding as the producer spoke and seemed to even get a bit tearful as he mentioned his children.

Dedicated fans online were also quick to dismiss the rumours that Adele had left, as one pointed out: “She was moving out of the way. Lizzo and Adele are very good friends with Harry.

“Their tables have been next to each other’s at several awards shows.”

Another wrote on Twitter: “The fact that Adele and Harry (are) close friends who vacation together but yall wanna create this ugly narrative.”

Lizzo also confirmed Adele was more than supportive of the former One Directioner members win as she released a TikTok she had filmed as the winner was announced.

The clip featured her and Adele happily “screaming” for Harry and singing along as one of his songs played throughout the venue. 

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