More than 400,000 people tuned in to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Among Us Twitch stream last night, marking the platform’s third largest audience for an individual Twitch stream. The New York representative, who played the wildly popular multiplayer game with Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar and several other notable gamers, used the livestream to also encourage young people to vote.

“Vote early,” AOC said in between rounds of the game, per the Boston Globe. “Make sure you register to vote … I’m so excited for this upcoming election. We can come together, and we can overcome the polls, get things back on track.”

Beneath the video stream, the congresswoman included a helpful I Will Vote link to register to vote.

At one point, AOC compared the perils of the U.S. health care system to that of the United Kingdom with YouTuber Hbomberguy, who is from the U.K.

“You go to the doctor and then what happens? Do you just walk up and say, ‘I need help’?” she asked.

He responded, “Yeah, essentially.”

“How does that work?” she asked again. “I can’t even imagine that interaction without a credit card or some sort of cash payment.”

“You go to the doctor and you say, ‘I have this problem,’ and then they prescribe you the medicine,” he answered. “And then you just go pick it up and that’s it. And then you go home and you Google how much it would’ve cost in America. And that’s how you get radicalized.”

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