Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said goodbye to John Madden one last time on Monday night … with an emotional speech at the NFL legend’s memorial in Oakland.

Reid was one of many guest speakers who delivered final words at the Madden celebration of life event at RingCentral Coliseum … and his speech was heartfelt.

Reid spoke about meeting John decades ago and all of the lessons he learned from the former Raiders head coach — saying they helped shape him into the NFL headman he is today.

Reid concluded his speech by verbally painting a picture of Madden in heaven.

“We love you, Coach,” he said at the end of it all.

Other notable guests who spoke at the event included Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera and former San Francisco 49ers head coach Steve Mariucci.

As we reported, Madden passed away unexpectedly at the age of 85 in December.

John was a beloved figure in the NFL — becoming a brilliant head coach, then broadcaster and then eventually the face of the most popular football video game on the planet.

Remembering John Madden

A funeral and a private mass were already held for Madden several weeks ago.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from Monday’s event — which was set up for the public to say one final goodbye to Madden — went to Madden charities to help youth in Northern California.

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