Anna Richardson celebrates 50th in 2020

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Changing Rooms host Anna Richardson, 51, has spoken out after being tailgated by a male driver, who verbally “abused” her from his vehicle. Anna explained she had been driving her unwell dad home from hospital at the time.

She then claimed the male driver swore at her and almost caused a car crash.

Addressing the incident on Twitter, the presenter penned: “Wow. I’ve just been called a “F**king stupid s**g” by an abusive man in a car, who tailgated me (nearly causing an accident) simply because I was driving at the correct speed limit after picking my sick Dad up from hospital.

“The sooner misogyny is made a hate crime the better…”

Many of Anna’s 100,000 followers urged her to report the incident.

However, the star admitted she was feeling “too shaken” to take action.

She wrote back to fans: “Oh! Good point! I’m a bit too shaken at the mo…”

Sending her support, one of Anna’s Twitter followers Katherine Boyle wrote: “Ugh. This s**t is exhausting, isn’t it?”

Jeremy Bennett added: “My youngest son is learning to drive. So his small car has L plates clearly shown.


“He drive cautiously and just below the speed limit and takes it steady.

“The amount of times he is tooted, overtaken, undertaken, brake checked. Total madness !”

Anna replied: “That must be even more scary for a youngster learning to drive. I’m so sorry…”

Twitter user Daf added: “That’s awful Anna.”

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“Honestly Daf…it’s tough enough with sick parents isn’t it?” Anna responded.

Claire Mawdesley wrote: “I had exactly the same the other day. The car in question started following me, so I kept driving round so I didn’t lead them to my very ill and elderly parents house. I was more worried about my parents seeing it and being upset for me.”

Anna then shared: “Yes, exactly! My poor Dad (who has vascular dementia) said ‘Was he shouting at you?’

“I didn’t want to stress him out any more than he is already. I was shaking behind the wheel. It feels as though everyone is so angry right now….”

The Naked Attraction host dated The Great British Bake Off star Sue Perkins, but they split earlier this year after seven years together.

Anna had been in a relationship with her boyfriend Charles for 18 years before getting into a relationship with Sue in 2013.

The pair got on well when they attended the same showbiz party.

Detailing the moment she met comedian Sue, Anna said: “We met at a party and I was recently single and we just… all I can say, there was an understanding between us and for me the planets aligned.”

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