Louise Minchin grills Wallace on 'UK failures' in Afghanistan

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Louise Minchin, 52, is due to leave BBC Breakfast next week and this morning her colleague Jon Kay, 51, said a final farewell on Twitter, as he shared a snap from their last shift together. The broadcaster said it has been a “pleasure” to work alongside her, as he urged her to enjoy the upcoming “lie-ins” after 20 years of 3.40am starts.

On Twitter, Jon typed in view of his 35,700 followers: “That was my last @BBCBreakfast shift with @louiseminchin before she leaves the sofa next week. 

“It’s always been a pleasure to work with such a lovely and generous pro. 

“Thank you Lou – and enjoy the lie-ins. (Studio photo-bombers @Brijeshp and @ColleyPhoto are not leaving!).”

Alongside his kind words, the 51-year-old shared a beaming snap of himself with Louise and their two other colleagues behind the scenes.

Today was also a day to celebrate for the BBC Breakfast veteran, as she marked her birthday.

Her co-star Dan Walker wished her a happy birthday – despite “abandoning” her for the latest broadcast.

Taking to Twitter to reveal why he wasn’t in the studio, the presenter remarked: “Happy birthday to the magnificent @louiseminchin… who I have deserted to play in the @BMWPGA pro am and do some #Strictly stuff #BBCBreakfast.”

Alongside the funny tweet, Dan shared two side-by-side pictures of him and Louise rocking questionable hairstyles.

The mum of two left viewers stunned back in June after she shared she would be leaving for good.

She said: “There’s something I wanted to tell you about. It will be, this year, 20 years since I first presented this programme and since then I’ve felt part of a huge, enormous BBC Breakfast family, which includes everyone who works here, every one of the team and every one of you who watches the programme.

“I’ve loved being a part of it. But, there is a but, you know about the but, I’ve decided that it is time that I stop setting my alarm for 3.40am, sometimes when I’m feeling really rebellious 3.46am in the morning and I’m going to be leaving the programme.

“It’s not going to be for a while and just before anything else I wanted to thank everyone who is watching for your loyalty, for your support over all those years, I have absolutely loved being part of it, I will really miss it but it is time now to stop.”

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She added: “My children can’t remember a time when I wasn’t working on the programme.”

Louise also reflected on the day she got a call at 2am saying something had happened in Manchester.

She was told a bomb had gone off at the Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert on May 22, 2017.

Her co-host Dan shared: “I knew you were good, but that day I saw you were amazing. That is your superpower. 

“You’re always able to tell heartbreaking news in a really gentle, careful and kind way.

“There are very few people who can do that and that’s why you’ll be sorely missed on this programme.”

Louise says she will continue with her podcast, extreme sport and will be “having lots of lie-ins”.

Dan said: “From a personal perspective my life will be a lot poorer without you.

“You are not only a star you are fantastic at your job, you’re brilliant to work with but you’re also a great friend.”

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