Strictly: Dan Walker wells up over daughter's reaction

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Dan Walker, 44, recently swapped BBC Breakfast’s red sofa for the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom. However, ahead of his first show, fans will remember Dan suffered a nasty injury. The star gave an update on his health and what had happened in a new interview.

Fans of the BBC presenter will remember how a few weeks ago, he shared some injury news on Instagram.

He told his worried followers how he’d had to go to the hospital after running into a glass door.

Dan had admitted he hadn’t noticed the door when he sprinted after a taxi where he’d left his wallet.

Reliving the injury, the presenter shared: “I flew back about two metres then landed on the floor.

“I thought I’d knocked my teeth out because there was blood pouring out of my mouth, but I’d actually bit a chunk out of my tongue.

“The next day I was feeling woozy so went to hospital to have a brain scan.

“They found I had mild concussion and I wasn’t allowed to dance for three days.”

In a conversation with the Mirror, he then shared how he was faring now.

Dan continued: “I’ve still got a big lump on my head.”

Thankfully, the injury didn’t stop Dan from performing on Strictly.

He and his partner Nadya Bychkova made their debut on Saturday night when they performed the Quickstep.

They were on the top side of the leaderboard, scoring 24 points in total.

The dance was also enough to bring Dan’s 14-year-old daughter Sue to tears.

He shared on BBC’s It Takes Two earlier how she had “tears pouring out of her eyes”.

“Thankfully they were tears of joy,” Dan explained.

“She sort of gave me this lovely little wave and said, ‘I love you’.

“So from going from, ‘Don’t embarrass me dad’, to being really proud was such a special moment.”

This week, Dan and Nadiya will be performing a Paso Doble on the Strictly dance floor.

The couple has been posting on social media all week about how they’ve been finding the dance.

Dan even shared how he had got a sauna to help him recover from aches and pains.

He posted on Instagram: “Now then… after a trusted recommendation from a friend I got hold of an infrared sauna (dressing gown optional).

“It has also improved my sleep.”

Dan added: “I’m using the speakers to listen to this week’s music on repeat @ragnboneman.”

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