Right now, Brittany Banks is getting a lot of blowback from 90 Day Fiance viewers.

After all, Yazan Abo Horira lost just about everything over his continued engagement to her.

The vitriol that is being hurled at Brittany is even worse than it was at the beginning of the season.

People went from attacking her over their baseless assumptions about Jordan to now blaming her for Yazan’s father’s reaction.

Yazan lost his job and his home and feels like he has lost control of his life out of love for Brittany.

But Brittany isn’t the sort to take nonstop, vicious criticism without clapping back.

So, in Instagram comments, she is doing just that.

She is also acknowledging that a lot of the hate that she is getting is rooted in racism, misognyny, and in their fusion — misogynoir.

“Girl, I’m Black,” Brittany tells one fan on Instagram.

“And as a Black woman,” she continues, “you know the world enjoys seeing us fail or being hurt or talking down on us.”

“It is what it is,” she acknowledges to the supportive follower.

“It’s real sad,” Brittany says in another comment, “but that’s the world we live in.”

She is all too aware of how much hate she is getting, and she expected some degree of it.

Brittany then expresses: “thank god I’m secure and happy in my life.”

“Sit your pick me ass down,” she hilariously tells a hater who accused Brittany of just seeking fame.

“I had 324k before the show,” she says, referring to her Instagram followers.

She then demands that the troll “be quiet boo.”

Another troll accuses Brittany of specifically using Yazan in order to become famous.

“Girl shut the f–k up,” Brittany’s reply begins.

Though that is likely all that such an accusation deserves, she did not stop there.

According to Brittany’s assessment, “nobody on TLC is famous.” At least, not by her standards.

“If I wanted to be famous,” she explains, “it would be off a rapper or athlete I dated.”

Brittany says that she would seek fame by dating someone who was already well known, “not Yazan’s ass.”

“And when the Tell All comes on,” Brittany declares.

“I hope I get my apology from every single woman who attacked me and judged my character,” she expresses.

Sadly, she likely should not hold her breath for that.

The fact is that 90 Day Fiance has a real problem with both racism and misogyny — and also one with xenophobia and other bigotries.

It’s not just that a set proportion of reality TV viewers hold horrible views and have a lot of ignorance about things, though that’s part of the problem.

It’s also that the show’s editing — for drama, for storylines, to cast certain people as “villains” or “unreasonable” — time and time again reinforces these negative biases.

Brittany is not the first woman of color on whom the show has painted a target for hateful trolls to attack. She also will not be the last.

Very few of us would make the same decisions that she has made (the way that Yazan spoke to her when she arrived should have been a dealbreaker, period), but they’re her decisions.

The people who feel so furious — as if she were ruining their lives by making mistakes instead of just potentially messing up her own — have some soul-searching to do.

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