Craig Revel Horwood tells Bruno Tonioli to not touch things in car

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Bruno Tonioli, 65, has shared how he rode the London Underground until he had enough money to purchase a Porsche. The Strictly Come Dancing judge shared how his dad’s job sparked him to take interest in supercars as a child.

Bruno shared: “My dad used to repair bodywork. He worked for a bus company during the week and did extra hours in a local garage. 

“My mum sewed upholstery and, since I was a kid, I used to see Ferraris, Maseratis, Mercedes, Jaguars… In fact, I took the Tube until I could buy a Porsche. 

“I am that particular about cars,” he added to Radio Times.

He wanted to save properly before he indulged his passion for beautiful cars.

“I waited until I could afford a Porsche,” he reaffirmed to The Daily Mail.

His career in stage and screen is a long way from where he was brought up in the medieval town of Ferrara, in northern Italy.

His parents wanted him to be an accountant, but despite following his passion for dancing, the much-loved Strictly judge has always been good with money and describes himself as a saver.

Bruno admitted his parents disapproved when they heard he wanted to work in the entertainment business.

He followed his dreams and worked as a dancer and choreographer in Milan and Paris, before becoming a judge for Strictly and Dancing with the Stars.

But he has never forgotten his roots. He explained: “My parents were hard-working, working-class people.

“They instilled in me a great respect for money, because it was always very scarce, and you had to manage it correctly so in the rainy days you had something to fall back into.”

When he was younger, Bruno would create paintings that he would sell for extra pocket money, but whatever he earns he also has his mother’s voice saying, “Look after yourself because nobody else will”.

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He started earning a wage from 18 and has always saved.

His main extravagance is now a love of cars. He said: “I always had nice cars. 

“I love driving around Regent’s Park with the roof down, and I think – I suppose that is, kind of, my extravagance.”

His place on the judging panel on prime-time television has catapulted the 59-year-old into the nation’s hearts.

For their latest ITV’s latest docuseries,  Bruno and Craig Revel Horwood have left their score boards at home in favour of exploring Britain by car.

Immersing themselves in British culture, in tonight’s episode of Craig and Bruno’s Great British Road Trips, the dancing duo take to North Wales to drive through the country’s largest National Park, Snowdonia.

Craig and Bruno’s Great British Road Trips airs tonight on ITV at 8pm.

Read the full interview in Radio Times – out now.

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