Chris Evans discusses Graham Norton’s listening figures

Chris Evans, 54, tried his hardest to conceal his jealousy that his friend and newest edition to the Virgin Radio team Graham Norton, is doing so well after arriving at the station two weeks prior. His bitterness was all in jest of course, but the former BBC star couldn’t help but take a few cheeky swipes at his radio rival.

It was my recommendation to the management that he come here

Chris Evans

While discussing Graham’s impressive 20 million listeners for his Saturday and Sunday shows, Chris touched on his own weekday breakfast programme’s ratings.

“We’d like to get to two million,” he told his morning audience.

“Graham is already at 20 million on Saturday, which is great for him.

“We couldn’t be any happier for him…” he trailed off, turning green with envy.

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“But we’d like to get to 2 million as our target!”

He admitted to not knowing his actual figures, but noted that his streaming ratings were “impressive”.

“Not as impressive as Graham’s of course because he seems to be from another radio planet,” he chuckled, as co-stars Rachel Horne and Vassos Alexander stifled their laughter in the background.

Chris then sighed as he wondered whether the former BBC 2 presenter joining Virgin Radio was a good idea after all.

Graham announced late last year that he would be leaving his 10-year post, following a similar path to Chris.

“It was my recommendation to the management that he come here!” Chris groaned.

“I don’t regret it at all…

“It’s fine, it’s fine that Graham’s doing do well on Saturday and on Sunday too,” he joked sarcastically, but pointed out that his weekend success was the “bigger issue”.

“Not only is he smashing it on Saturday’s, but he’s smashing it on Sunday’s as well! Well done!”

There was a pause as the ex Top Gear star took a little breather from his rant, admitting he broke a sweat as he deep breathed down the mic.

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“I blame it all on Norton. Why did I say, ‘Call his agent, you never know!’

“20 million listeners later…”

He reverted quickly back to his own goal: “See we want to get to two million. If he just gave us two, he’s still have 18 million. What’s wrong with the guy? Where’s the reciprocation here?”

Earlier this week, Chris thought he might be getting complaints as more listeners are tuning into Graham at the weekend.

After messing around with a ukulele on-air with his co-stars, he sat back and wondered whether his audience was getting fed up.

“Do we get complaints?” he asked the pair.

“I know we get other complaints, but do we get complaints about the ukulele?”

There was a silence before he mimicked what listeners might be thinking: “‘No the ukulele is the least of your worries Evans!'” Chris laughed.

“‘In fact, you keep playing your ukulele, you’ll be breathing down the neck of Graham Norton at the weekend!'”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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