• "Crazy Rich Asians" star Constance Wu revealed in a recent interview with Kelly Clarkson that she worked at a strip club in order to prepare for her role as Destiny in "Hustlers." 
  • "I did work at a strip club to get ready for 'Hustlers.' I went undercover," Wu told Clarkson when the host asked how she prepared for the film. 
  • "What did you have to do?" Clarkson asked her. 
  • "Strip," Wu responded, adding, "I gave lap dances to strangers. I made 600 bucks my first night!" 
  • "It helped me to know that feeling — because you can't duplicate it — [of] the first time you walk into a club and say, 'Hey, I would like to have a job here,' and then you go work that night," the actress said of how her strip club experienced helped her in "Hustlers." 
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