Deborah James has said goodbye to her brother after she told him to go on holiday to the United States.

The 40 year old, who has been using her platform to spread awareness of bowel cancer after being diagnosed in 2016, is currently receiving end of life care.

Speaking to The Sun, Deborah revealed that she told her brother Ben to go on the trip and to "not come back under any circumstances".

She said: "He’s off on holiday to the US tomorrow. I have told him they have to go, they’ve planned the trip for ages. I also told him he must not come back, under any circumstances."

She added: "He says he’ll come home. It’ll be horrible saying goodbye to him. I can’t really think about it right now."

Deborah's brother recently got engaged to his fiancée Ashley. Sharing a picture with the two of them on Instagram, Deborah wrote: "Shared with permission! He finally put a ring on it! Congratulations to @benjaminrjames and @ashleyclairehall for finally getting engaged after 11 years!

"If you ever followed my podcasts, brother banter features highly, and even Prince William joined in on the action recently! The question to my brother has alway been why haven’t you proposed!"

She continued: "Of course I’m sad I won’t see the wedding but it gave me an excuse to throw my last impromptu party (and I even sat at the table for a bit of it!!).

"So with the help of my sister and niece – it was days of @cricut, kids baked a cake and exploded a mess, and I tracked down all the last minute silver fairy lights, I could find!

"I love curating table scapes and parties and whilst that was the last one in me, Eloise has truly now outdone me so I feel chuffed I can pass on the party train trait! A memory made without us even trying to make it a memory! Win!!!!"

Deborah is the mother of two children – daughter Eloise, 12, and son Hugo, 14. She shares her children with her banker husband Sebastien Bowen, who she has been married to for almost 14 years.

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