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Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida opened again on Saturday, for the first time since March 16th. Disney has assured us, through their website and a creepy video, that they were going to keep guests safe by limiting attendance, requiring masks on everyone over two, and sanitizing everything. Of course since the made the reopening announcement six weeks ago, Florida is now the world’s epicenter of the pandemic. That did not stop Disney from reopening, and photos and videos coming out from the first day show that it did not go smoothly.

Here’s a compiled tweet of some of the first day fails. The woman who tweeted she has anxiety at the lines is a theme parks journalist, according to Deadline.

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I found this over hour long video of Disney World’s reopening, taken on the first day. Skimming through it, people are sort-of socially distancing but it’s haphazard, some people are encroaching on other’s space and it’ looks very anxiety-inducing, to quote the tweet above.

Also, Walt Disney World Daily reports that Splash Mountain had to be evacuated for some reason, but that the wait times for rides were “average to low.”

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The “Together Again” shirts are selling out.

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“Mostly low crowd levels” don’t matter if people don’t socially distance.

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Oh and this is the free part of Disney, Disney Springs.

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Disney isn’t the only culprit

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