Donald Trump might lose the election to Joe Biden … but there’s 1 place the prez says he’d never take an L to the former VP — and that’s in a fist fight.

Yes … this happened.

President Trump was holding a rally in Bullhead City, AZ on Thursday … when he revealed he once asked Dana White if the UFC honcho believed 77-year-old Biden would make a good fighter.

Here’s how Trump says the convo unfolded.

“I don’t think Sleepy Joe would be a good fighter. Do you? I asked Dana before. One gentle little touch to the face and he’s down. He’s down and he wouldn’t get up very quickly either, would he?”

Now, this isn’t the first time the politicians have talked about scrapping. A few years back, Biden said he’d “beat the hell” out of DT if they were in high school.

Trump addressed Biden’s comments from back in the day … and let’s just say he doesn’t exactly seem shook.

“Joe Biden, remember he said, ‘I’d like to take him to the back of the barn’. Okay. If ever said that to him, they’d say he practices violence. ‘The President practices violence.'”

“If you have to fight somebody, that’s your dream fight right.”

Just imagine the Pay-Per-View …

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