Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh did NOT get into a war of words on the set of “Don’t Worry Darling” — despite a report claiming so — according to dozens of crew members.

40 people who worked on the film have signed a letter, obtained by People, completely refuting the characterization put out by Vulture — namely, that FP was angry with OW for allegedly being absent from the set and actually getting into a “screaming match” with her.

The letter reads, in part … “As a crew, we’ve avoided addressing the absurd gossip surrounding the movie we’re so proud of, but feel the need to correct the anonymous ‘sources’ quoted in a recent article. There was never a screaming match between our director and anyone, let alone a member of our cast.”

They went on to heap praise on Olivia, saying … “We are happy to put our names on this, as real people who worked on the film, and who have witnessed and benefited from the collaborative and safe space Olivia creates as a director and leader. We’re also thrilled that the movie is in theaters this weekend. We can’t wait for you to see it on the big screen.”

A producer for ‘DWD’ doubled down in a separate statement for good measure, saying any reports/rumors of a feud or screaming match between Olivia and Florence are unfounded.

BTW, the 40 crew members who signed this are big shots in the production … everyone from the DP to the lead production designer and just about every key job in between — including EPs and screenplay writers — have attached their name to this. There are even a good amount of folks in smaller roles, like APs and gaffers, who’ve signed on as well.

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While it’s certainly noteworthy that this amount of people would publicly shoot down any notion of friction on set — the fact is, 40 crew members don’t account for even half of the people that worked on that flick. There’s well over 100 people credited on IMDb.

Point being … this doesn’t really invalidate Vulture’s story. It’s possible these folks simply weren’t aware of anything going on themselves — that, or they’re running cover for WB.

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At any rate, the saga is over … the movie did well at the box office this weekend — raking in a little more than $19 million, higher than expected — and everyone seems to be moving on.

Believe what ya wanna believe, we suppose … ’cause this book is finally slamming shut.

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