Philadelphia Eagles fans were heartsick after the Chiefs took home the W at the Super Bowl … and this guy seemed to take all his rage out on the TV — although when you look closely it has “staged” written all over it.

The now-viral clip shows some pals watching Sunday night’s big game, and when KC kicked the winning field goal … one of the dudes went BEZERK on the TV, smashing it and yanking it off the mantle.

eagles fan tv

Now here’s the thing — IG comedian and Streamy Awards nominee FunnyMike is the destructive fan … he’s well known in the IG world with 8.4M followers.

But wait, there’s more. The energy guide label is still stuck to the screen … odd, right, if it’s already mounted to the wall.

eagles fan tv fall

Thing is … it wasn’t mounted. You see the boob tube comes down way too easily. It seemed propped up on the mantle, for easy destruction.

eagles fan grab

Nice try, “Eagles Fan,” if that is your real name … but hey, funny clip!

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