Game of Thrones was famous for introducing new characters who instantly became your new favorite (before killing them horrifically).

Now Emilia Clarke is continuing that tradition (the first part, obvi) by introducing the world to her new puppy! She posted the first pics of her canine boyfriend on Instagram Tuesday, writing:

“He just can’t stop. He physically.cannot.stop being the MOST BEAUTIFUL PUPPY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. ?”

The most? Dang, maybe. He is pretty darn cute! What’s his name??

“Erryone meet Ted. Super Ted. My new main squeeze. Light of my goddamn life. Ready to fill this instagram feed to bursting whilst still being able to leave room in a teacup.”

Awww! Lovely to meet you, Ted! You know we love the name Teddy for a pupper!

Photos: Puppy Born BRIGHT GREEN!

The world instantly fell in love. GoT co-star Nathalie Emmanuel, aka Missandei of Narth, was at a loss for words, writing:


Even Stark men aren’t immune to Ted’s charms! Richard Madden responded:


And her movie boyfriend Sam Claflin from Me Before You wrote:

Super Ted to the rescue ❤️”

Everyone is in love! And who can blame them??

Emilia finished with the hilariously on point hashtag for a new pet owner:


But also:


SO freakin’ cute! We can’t wait for more pics of this pup on Emilia’s IG!

Let’s just hope he doesn’t grow to be 50 feet long and devour a capital city like gurl’s last pet…

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