Speaking backstage after her Emmy win for Lead Actress in a Comedy, Jean Smart told press a little something about the highly-anticipated Season 2 of HBO series Hacks.

“Well I’m not going to be in the writers room,” she said. “But I do know as promised at the end of Season 1 I will be going on the road a bit to try out new material, although I think they definitely want to keep her based in LA. She will be going out a bit to comedy clubs to try out new material. I do know they will be exploring her relationship with her sister, which has been a huge traumatic part of her life. That’s all I have so far.”

In the hit show which, at the time of writing, had also picked up Emmys for directing and writing, Smart plays Vegas comedian Deborah Vance, a Joan Rivers-esque character who relies on middle-of-the road material and lives a lonely existence in her mcmansion. That is, until young LA comedy writer Ava (Hannah Einbinder) is pushed by her agent to freshen up Vance’s work in a move that will potentially serve both their careers. As the two women collide a beautiful and complex relationship develops.

In Season 1, we caught a glimpse of Deborah’s deeply contentious relationship with her sister, and fans were left on a nail biting cliffhanger as Ava drunkenly betrays her mentor during a blackout.

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