Country superstar Eric Church will release not one but three new albums in 2021.

The 24-track Heart & Soul trilogy, a follow up to Church’s 2018 album Desperate Man, will drop on three separate days in April.

Heart will drop on April 16th, & will release on the 20th, and Soul on April 23rd. Pre-orders begin January 29th.

The nine-song Heart, will feature already-released singles “Stick That in Your Country Song,” “Never Break Heart” and “Crazyland” along with the to-be-released songs “Heart on Fire,” “People Break,” and “Bunch of Nothing,” among others.

Six-track & will feature previously released songs “Through My Ray-Bans” and “Doin’ Life With Me.” The middle album is available exclusively to the Church Choir fan club on April 20, only as a vinyl record.

Soul, Church’s final trilogy release, will include current singles “Hell of a View,” “Jenny” and “Bad Mother Trucker,” as well as to-be-released tracks including “Lynyrd Skynyrd Jones,” “Bright Side Girl” and “Where I Wanna Be.”

In a video addressed to his fans, Church said he wrote and recorded the project during 28 days he spent in the mountains of North Carolina.

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