Ex-CBeebies presenter Sarah Jane Honeywell best bits

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Sarah-Jane Honeywell, 47, has opened up about losing her job. The former CBeebies star has discussed her surprise exit from the TV channel.

Sarah-Jane was let go from the BBC network after doing a naked photoshoot with PETA.

The actress told Scott Dalton on BBC Radio Lincolnshire earlier today that she felt “lost” after her famous photoshoot.

The photoshoot, which took place back in 2011, included a photo of the star sprawled half naked on a plate of food, with the aim of encouraging people to watch their eating habits.

The star’s career on the BBC network lasted ten years.

She presented shows such as Tikkabilla and Tweenies.

Sarah-Jane spoke to Scott in more detail about the photoshoot and the effect it had on her life.

She said: “I was invited to do a PETA photo as I’m vegan. It was [a] bra and pants shot.”

Sarah-Jane then went on to tell listeners that she had been asked to take off her bra as it would attract more viewers.

The actress said: “I thought it would be okay but it wasn’t. The Sun went to BBC for comment and they said that I no longer work for them.’”

The celebrity also told Scott about the pressure faced by children’s TV presenters.

She said that they were “expected to be like a saint.”

The singer then added that her bosses were shocked to hear that she had a back tattoo.

On the reasons why she did the shoot, Sarah-Jane said: “I’m not really that political. I was just like I’ll do it to help.”

She also said that before the shoot, she posed for “a wet t-shirt type” photoshoot.  

The actress poured Diet Coke over herself whilst wearing an almost-see through vest. She explained how this failed to draw attention from bosses at the time.

Commenting on the effects of the scandal, she said: “I felt really lost, I felt like I’d lost my identity. My whole kind of sense of purpose, identity, everything about me felt like it was slipping away.”

In November, Sarah-Jane took to her Instagram to recreate the topless shoot and shared a caption in which she celebrated the “changes” that have pushed her forward.

She wrote: “It’s 10 years to the day that a picture was taken that changed the projection of my life completely.

“To celebrate the changes that propelled me towards, here is a similar picture taken on my roof today.”

She continued: “This time though, I’m asking you to Relate to what’s on someone’s plate. We are all in this together and we don’t have to get on but we can get along…” (sic)

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