A lot of these recommendations come from Becks1. I also looked through some bathing suits, stuff for summer and other random things I want from Amazon. There’s always more stuff I want.

A flattering and cute high-waisted bikini

This affordable, high-waisted bikini comes in sizes small to xx-large and in 22 different print and color options, all with cute flouncy tops and high bottoms. It’s a recommendation from Becks1, who writes “I am 37, two c-sections and I carry my weight in my belly… So a lot of one pieces are too short on me, or emphasize belly, but I love the high waist trend for two pieces. Just got this one and it’s fun and comfortable.” Reviewers love it too, writing that it “fits perfect,” is “comfortable and cute” and “is so flattering.” Some say that it runs big so you may want to order a size down. Becks also owns this vintage two piece high-waisted suit, which comes in 16 different prints and colors, and recommends it.

The number one best seller in bathing suits

If a one piece is more your style this high neck flattering bathing suit by Tempt Me has so many options. It comes in sizes x-small to 20 plus and in 16 different colors and prints. There’s a mesh panel to show cleavage without being too revealing and it has full bottom coverage. It has over 2,000 reviews, 4.5 stars and an A from Fakespot. Women call it slimming, say that it hides tummies and fits great. Reviewers write that it has “great support, “looks cute,” and is “modest yet a little sexy.” You may want to double check sizing and order a size up as it’s said to run small.

Water shoes to protect your feet from hot sand and sunburn

The beach can be relaxing and fun but who hasn’t had sunburned feet or feet that get burned from walking on the sand? These unisex water shoes are ultra affordable at under $14, come in 30 different prints and colors and in sizes 5 to 13 for women. They’re great for water sports like kayaking and can protect your feet at the beach, pool or creek. Unlike other brands on Amazon they have a rubber sole, which offers more protection. Reviewers call them the “comfortable enough to forget you are wearing them” “comfortable” and the “best water shoes I’ve ever purchased.” People say to make sure to measure your feet in inches because they run small.

A versatile sleeveless tank in so many colors and prints

Becks1 also recommended this top, which she owns in three different colors and loves. She writes “They look cute tucked in or untucked. They are a loose fit so I love them for things like my kids sports when you can’t always predict how hot it’s going to be.” This comes in sizes small to xx-large and 24 prints and colors. Women write that these tanks are “cute and flattering,” “very comfortable,” “awesomely soft” and “a nice top for the price.”

Washing machine cleaning tablets for fresher laundry

These washing machine cleaning tablets are the number one best seller in tools and home improvement. They’re said to get out nasty odors and gunk that can accumulate in the wash. I definitely need them as my front-loading washer is smelling funky. A reviewer writes “not only did it clean my machine, it eliminated the nasty smell that always transferred to my clothes.” One person says to try this version of the tablets, which is fragrance free.

A set of four tweezers so you’ll never be without the right pair

I’m traveling this week and I only have a crappy pair of tweezers with me, the kind that breaks your hair instead of pulling it out by the root. For some reason I’m always losing tweezers, especially the good ones. These tweezers are just $15 for 4 pieces. People call them the “best tweezer set ever,” rave about how precise they are and say they can “grab the tiniest, finest hair.” They’re also said to be great for small crafting work.

An awesome air fryer to cook and bake without an oven

Becks1 also recommended an air fryer, she has this one and I have a small earlier model Philips, similar to this one. I’m featuring the high capacity 6 quart one by OMORC, above, as it’s affordable, programmable and has high ratings. You can even cook a whole chicken in it. You may want to watch the video to see if it will fit in your kitchen. (Here’s a link to a smaller 3.8 quart one.) I love my air fryer. It’s so convenient for baking chicken and cooking frozen items like french fries, bagel bites, fish and more. You can cook almost anything in it. (The one I have is 2.75 quart and does not fit a full size frozen pizza, but you can use it for single serve pizzas.) My mom got it for me and I use it a few times a week. If you’re looking for a large capacity air fryer with accessories for baking, this 5.7 quart one by Yedi is also highly rated and comes with a cake pan, silicon mat, pizza pan and a dividable basket.

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