Apple’s Memojis offer a fun way to customize your iMessages, but you can also use them to liven up a video calls. Next time you use FaceTime to chat with your friends, you can use your Memojis and Memoji stickers for a personalized touch. Here’s how to use Memojis on Facetime for a perfectly animated call.

If you’ve never used Apple Memojis before, you’ll need to make one to get started. To do so, make sure you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 13.1.4, which was released on March 25. Then, head to your iMessages. Once there, look through the keyboard options and tap on the Memoji icon (represented by 3D emoji faces). Then, select the plus sign to start creating your likeness. The interface is similar to creating a Bitmoji on Snapchat, but you’ll find way more personalization options for your Memoji. Tap "done" when you’ve finished to save your Memoji.

Unfortunately, Memojis are exclusive to Apple iOS, and Android users don’t have FaceTime either, so in this case, those without iPhones are out of luck. If you would still like to create a Memoji, try asking one of your friends if you can create one on their iPhone, take screenshots, and send them to your phone.

To start using Memojis on your FaceTime calls, follow the steps below.

FaceTime and Memojis

Replacing your face with a Memoji will look like this:

You can also use your Memoji stickers in Snapchat, as well as on Instagram, to personalize your chats and Stories.

Now that you know what to do, get ready to change up your video calls with Memojis on FaceTime to customize your calls.

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