Ricky Gervais explains how he injured his back

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Ricky Gervais revealed how he’d suffered a painful back injury while out on a run earlier in the week, as he felt a sharp pain while doing up his laces. Now, the After Life star has shared an update with fans on his condition.

I’ve arranged for a chair to be on stage tonight in case I have to do the gig sitting down

Ricky Gervais

The star, 60, informed followers on Sunday that he was in a “bad way” after attempting to tie his shoes.

During a Twitter live broadcast, he said: “Couldn’t walk, took me ages, I had only made it to the end of the street.

“It’s that thing when you are in agony and you can’t walk but you don’t want to look weird to anyone.

“I wanted to lie down and scream, ‘Get me a f***ing ambulance’.”

However, Ricky’s accident came days before his SuperNature tour, which kicks off tonight at London’s O2 Forum in Kentish Town.

Sharing an update, he said: “I’m hobbling around in a weightlifting belt, taking pain killers & anti-inflammatories, and I’ve arranged for a chair to be on stage tonight in case I have to do the gig sitting down.

“Stupid F****ing Back. Keep ‘em laughing or die trying. #SuperNature.”

His post, that has since raked in over 4,500 likes, was soon flooded with replies from his followers.

“Is your bad back from carrying British comedy over the last few years?” said one.

While a second added: “Hats off to you for going ahead with it. As a fellow sufferer of back pain I know how sore it is & how the slightest movement can cause excruciating pain. Good luck for tonight, I know the audience will love it & I hope you’re pain-free.”

“Get well soon. I hope sit down comedy works well for you,” added a third.

Before a fourth penned: “All the best. Back pain is a bummer. I am sure that the laughs from the audience will be the perfect painkiller. Pickle will take care of the rest.”

It previously emerged that Ricky’s successful Netflix series, After Life, would be returning for a third season.

The latest run in the critically acclaimed series recently wrapped filming.

If there’s no delay, it’s likely the show will hit Netflix at the end of 2021.

In season 2, Tony’s father tragically passed away, and his funeral will likely be held in the upcoming season.

Matt’s (Tony Basden) marriage also appeared to have been repaired, but there are doubts about whether it’ll be hit with more obstacles during season 3.

Meanwhile, Ricky said last year that After Life series 3 would be its last.

“I’ve already made my mind up there won’t be a four,” he told The Sun.

“And you do put those things out there to make you remember as it’s tempting but… there’s an old saying that ‘to lead the orchestra, you’ve got to turn your back on the audience’.

“That’s true, the audience thinks they want another one, but they’re not sure. So you’ve got to be careful!”

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