More secrets are coming out!

In a sneak peek of A&E’s upcoming docuseries, Secrets of Playboy, which promises to uncover the dark history of Hugh Hefner and his Playboy empire, his former girlfriend Holly Madison is speaking out about the dramatic nature of their relationship!

For those unfamiliar, Madison was Hefner’s main girlfriend for nearly a decade before they split in 2008. During that time, she admitted to growing increasingly frustrated with how similar all his women were meant to look, expressing of the Playmate type:

“I got to a point not too far into my time there — I think I was only six months in — where I kind of broke under that pressure and being made to feel like I needed to look exactly like everybody else.”

Trying to remedy this, she decided to chop off a good chunk of her hair, with the model continuing:

“My hair was really long naturally and I was just like, I’m gonna go chop my hair off so I can at least look a little different.”

Unfortunately, not everyone loved the fresh new ‘do… especially not Hugh. Holly candidly recalled:

“I came back with short hair and he flipped out on me and he was screaming at me and said it made me look old, hard, and cheap.”

Yikes! Bridget Marquardt, who lived in the mansion as one of Hefner’s girlfriends at the same time, had witnessed this kind of behavior from the media mogul before, sharing:

“Hef would be pretty abrasive in the way he said things to Holly. She came down with red lipstick one time and he, like, flipped out and said he hated red lipstick on girls… Even though other people could wear red lipstick and it didn’t seem to bother him.”

Likely because of all this negativity, Bridget said that her Girls Next Door co-star began to “change” as she battled with mental health issues, continuing:

“It was very frustrating to live with every day — all of the drama that was going on and the tensions. I could definitely see that she was getting depressed and sad and her demeanor was starting to change.”

Holly agreed, explaining:

“I remember there were times probably within the first couple years I lived there when I felt like I was just in this cycle of gross things and I didn’t know what to do.”

Speaking of gross things…

In another teaser released this week, many people from Hef’s inner circle opened up about how drugs were used to get the girls to have sex. The businessman’s ex, Sondra Theodore, also a Playmate from 1976 to 1981, told the network:

“Hef pretended that he wasn’t involved in any hard drug use at the mansion, but that was just a lie. Quaaludes down the line were used for sex.”

Sondra noted that the hypnotic sedative would cause a “lovely” sensation, but if you took too many, “you’d pass out,” she added:

“Usually you just took a half . But if you took two, you’d pass out. There was such a seduction, and men knew that they could get girls to do just about anything they wanted if they gave them a Quaalude.”

We shudder to think what “anything” could mean.

Lisa Loving Barrett, Hefner’s former secretary and executive assistant, had the same story to share, describing:

“Quaaludes were what we called leg-spreaders. That was the whole point of them.”

While she was hesitant to “get that crude,” she couldn’t help adding:

“They were a necessary evil, if you will, to the partying.”

Barrett even admitted to helping the late mogul in securing all the drugs for the parties! She explained that during her time working for the Playboy Mansion (from 1977 to 1989), many executives had prescriptions to maintain a steady flow of drugs.

“We would have prescriptions in some of our names. There were prescriptions in Sondra’s name, in Hef’s name, and in my name and Mary’s name … We kept a desk calendar that would say ‘Lisa’s Q’ or ‘Hef’s Q’ or ‘Sondra’s Q.’”

It was also common to have “four or sometimes five prescriptions for the same medication to feed the machine.” Wow. How chilling and downright disgusting. Check out both sneak peek videos (below).


Intense! And these are just the teasers! We can’t imagine all the dark secrets the full docuseries will unearth once it airs on January 24. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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