Following a contentious debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, the number twos faced off Wednesday night as Vice President Mike Pence and Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, took the stage. While the two hit on hot topics, like Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and handling of the pandemic as well as the economy, the biggest moment of the night belonged to Harris’ many reactions to her political opponent.

Despite the plexiglass barriers erected between the two politicians who convened at the University of Utah under strict COVID-19 protocols for a debate moderated by USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page, there was no escaping Harris’ strong rebuttals and raised eyebrows. 

One of the most viral moments of the night included Harris’ empowering response to Pence when he tried to interrupt her early on in the debate. “Mr. President, I’m speaking,” the candidate said, shutting down Pence much to the delight of fans on Twitter. The response then became a recurring theme throughout the night as Harris had to make sure she got her full time to respond to Page’s questions. 

“I’m speaking.” Yessssssssssssssss

Who just made that “I’m speaking” meme?? Send it to me

Yaaaaasss Kamala!!! Yaaaaassssss. Truth.

I’M 👏🏽SPEAKING👏🏽 #VPDebate

Round one:

Sen Kamala Harris#CoronaVirusTaskForce and this administration failed the American people.

Favorite line: #ImSpeaking#BidenHarris2020


This is the second time this has happened. Where is @SusanPage?!?!

“Mr. @VP, I’m speaking. I’m speaking. Mmkay?“ [email protected]#QueenThings#VPDebate

Additionally, celebs and fans couldn’t get enough of Harris’ facial reactions, including many, many sidelong glances as Pence attempted to challenge her throughout the debate. 



What an image.

same energy

Every woman I know has given this look when some man attempts to mansplain or present an idea that isn’t theirs.

Hope you’re ready for Sen. Harris to be giving this look the entire night

Wednesday’s broadcast marked the first and only vice presidential debate and the second overall. Trump and Biden are currently scheduled to face off again in two more debates, which are slated for Oct. 15 and Oct. 22.

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