IG model Gena Tew says for years she thought she was testing for HIV when she’d get STD checks, but that wasn’t the case, and a recent breakdown of her body led to her finding out she has AIDS.

Gena has gone viral on social media, telling her story and urging the importance of young people getting tested. She tells us the symptoms have been horrible — she’s lost mobility, control of her bowels and has gone blind in her left eye.

Gena says the diagnosis has changed her life, as well as the life of her mom, who helps to care for her.

She says she’s still not sure when she contracted HIV, but has called her sexual partners to let them know of her status. Gena says everyone she’s called has been very supportive, checking in on her and making sure she’s doing OK. She says so far, no one else has tested positive.

One thing Gena wants to clear up — blogs have speculated she’s been intimate with Chris Brown and Nick Cannon in the past — something Gena says is just not true.

There’s a GoFundMe to help her move closer to her family. Going forward, Gena hopes she can help others avoid a terrifying experience like hers.

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