Some days, I’m just really surprised and sort of amused by the long memories and detailed accounting from the Sussex Squad. When I began covering the Ioan Gruffudd-Alice Evans split this week, I never expected it to become a story about how Alice Evans has tweeted multiple shady things about the Duchess of Sussex. But here we are.

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Also, Alice defending a known racist Lawrence fox.

And finally Alice criticizing Meghan for not making George Floyd’s murder about her.

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So, there you go. Alice Evans is a Twitter Karen who has tweeted shady sh-t about Meghan for a while, and when she gets called out on her crap, she blocks people or tweets-and-deletes. It seems like that’s a family trait in the Evans-Gruffudd household. After this week’s melodrama, with Alice accusing her now-estranged husband of gaslighting her and leaving her, it looks like Ioan has turned HIS social media accounts private:

Ioan Gruffudd has blocked fans from looking at his social media profiles, by setting them to private. The move to protect his online security comes after his wife Alice Evans accused him of controlling her Twitter and ‘mentally torturing her.’

Alice, 49, revealed she and Ioan, 47, were splitting on Twitter this week via Twitter, telling fans Ioan was leaving the family home next week after 13 years of marriage because he ‘no longer loves her.’ Ioan’s decision to block fans comes after the couple released a joint statement insisting they were ‘committed to their children’.

The united front followed an extraordinary 24 hours, which saw a series of tweets posted by the actress – and subsequently deleted – claiming her husband was leaving the family and she was being ‘gaslit and mentally tortured’.

[From The Daily Mail]

I mean, I don’t see why anyone should ding Ioan for this at the moment. Maybe we’ll find out in a few weeks that he’s the villain of this story, but people are reaching at the moment, trying to make it sound like Ioan is the bad guy with no evidence whatsoever. Personally, after everything I’ve learned about Alice this week, I wonder how Ioan even stayed as long as did. Perhaps he knew that if he even tried to leave Alice, she would react this way. I think he’s just trying to cut down some of the noise, and both Ioan and Alice should probably set all of their accounts to private, or just delete them entirely for a few months.

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