Not even his apparent intentions to resign as Britney Spears’ conservator can stop Jamie Spears from being himself.

Her widely reviled father has controlled almost every aspect of her life and fortune for nearly 14 years.

This has earned him the righteous condemnation of millions, from fans to disability rights advocates to politicians on both sides of the aisle.

But in a scathing new filing with the court, Jamie is insisting that he deserves “praise” for being Britney’s conservator.

Earlier this month, notorious douchecanoe Jamie Spears filed a 15-page document with the Los Angeles County Court.

In the papers he submitted, he ardently defended his heavily scrutinized role in Britney Spears’ conservatorship.

He claims that Britney has suffered from addiction struggles and mental health issues that somehow make it necessary to infringe upon her fundamental human rights.

According to Jamie, if the public knew Britney’s issues, “they would praise Mr. Spears for the job he has done.”

We don’t doubt that Britney’s father feels that way about his own unconscionable actions.

But if he is expecting any revelation or event to earn him praise from the public … well, he’s even more out of touch than we thought.

As we noted above, Jamie did file documents indicating that he will step down as Britney’s conservator.

However, there is no clear timeframe for when that will happen, making #FreeBritney advocates hesitant to declare any degree of victory.

And it is now obvious that Jamie has no plans to go quietly or adopt a well-deserved sense of shame.

In the documents, Jamie insisted that he was not responsible for Britney being forced to take lithium.

Famously, during her public testimony about the conservatorship, Britney blasted the conservatorship for forcing her onto the powerful medication.

But Jamie says that this was Jodie Montgomery’s area of control at that time, not his.

Jamie also alleges that the conservatorship “saved Ms. Spears from disaster.”

He claims that the arrangement “supported her when she needed it the most, protected her and her reputation from harm.”

“And,” Jamie argued in the documents, the conservatorship “facilitated the restoration of her career.”

Jamie insisted that the constraints placed upon Britney were conceived by a team of professionals.

He says that there were doctors alongside Britney’s (now former) attorney and the conservators.

The alleged goal was to keep Britney “safe.”

Jamie indicated that he will stop ruling Britney’s life with an iron fist when he feels that it’s the right time.

In fact, he’s only stepping down at all in an effort to prevent a “public feud,” which is … a little late.

Jamie feels that he shouldn’t be removed or suspended against his will. 

Meanwhile, we know that Britney Spears wants Jamie removed from the role immediately.

In addition to establishing the conservatorship in the first place, he has wronged her in many ways since then.

According to Britney, he repeatedly threatened to take her sons. He recently had Britney’s dogs seized. And he allegedly attacked one of her sons.

Britney doesn’t just want Jamie out of the picture.

She is seeking to have him investigated for abuses that she has suffered over the course of the conservatorship.

This may extend to more than just Jamie, depending upon when the abuses took place and what investigators uncover.

Though Britney of course wants the conservatorship abolished entirely, for now, her team is hoping to have Jason Rubin replace Jamie.

This is an interesting choice, as he is a forensic accounting expert.

Though Jamie has long insisted that he reaps no financial benefits (aside from his hefty salary, drawn from Britney’s fortune), fans would like to know that for sure.

The claim that Britney has severe mental health issues and has struggled with addiction may even be true.

But … so? The world is filled with people, from celebrities to our neighbors and friends, who fit that description.

Very few of those people are placed under conservatorships like this. Why? Well, they were lucky enough to not have Jamie as a father.

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