Jodie Turner-Smith‘s Cannes Film Festival visit came to an abrupt halt this weekend — this after having to talk to cops about someone jacking her jewels … according to a new report.

The “Queen & Slim” actress — who was there promoting her new film, “After Yang” — filed a police report Sunday after an alleged theft from her hotel room from this past Friday, which left her out a ton of money … so says Variety, citing sources familiar with the situation.

The outlet reports that Jodie spent a good amount of time with officers Sunday … something she herself shed some light on through her Twitter account, writing — “didn’t think i would be spending 2.5 hours in the police station on my final day in cannes, but here we are…”

According to Variety … the estimated value of the jewelry taken was somewhere in the ballpark of several tens of thousands of euros — which is a heck a lot of greenbacks, too.

There’s also this … apparently, there was no sign of forced entry into Jodie’s hotel suite — rumored to have been at the Marriott there in town — which requires a key card to get in. In other words … the implication is that it could possibly be an inside job, and cops are investigating.

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