Katie Price has updated fans over son Harvey’s health after he was was rushed to the hospital for ‘urgent medical attention’ on Monday.

The 18-year-old fell ill during his sisters 13th birthday celebrations, but after being taken away in an ambulance is now home.

Katie has now uploaded a YouTube video to her channel, updating fans on his condition.

She said: ‘He kept complaining of chest pains. I said “how does it feel?” and he said “like needles”. Straight away, because of his complex needs, do I call the doctor or do I call the ambulance?

‘I don’t like it when people waste ambulances’ time. He’s at high risk because of coronavirus, he’s high risk because of his obesity and the steroids he’s on and his medical condition so I did call 999.’

The star said he had tests done as well as an EKG, which all came out fine but doctors thought the chest pains may have been because of blood clots.

‘They did tests and all of that and they think he’s got a chest infection coming,’ she added.

Katie then asked Harvey (who was half asleep) how he was feeling, and he said he felt fine before telling his mum he loves her.

The pair then added that he was even flirting with the ambulance drivers, caling them beautiful.

Meanwhile, a rep for Katie told of his return home: ‘Harvey is home and resting after his medical ordeal yesterday. Harvey will be making a full recovery.’

Harvey is blind and autistic, with Prader-Willi syndrome also affecting his speech and movement.

A rep for Katie Price previously told The MailOnline : ‘Katie did fear the worst – yesterday was a highly emotional day with Princess’s birthday and then the sudden decline of Harvey’s health.’

His trip to the hospital comes after Katie praised Harvey – who she has with ex Dwight Yorke – for ‘defying all the odds’ as she marked his 18th birthday last month.

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