Katie Price was comforted by her friend after visiting her eldest son Harvey in the hospital.

The 18-year-old was rushed to hospital on Sunday night for urgent medical attention and is in intensive care.

Harvey is suffering from an ‘unknown bug’ which has given him an extremely high temperature and chest pains.

The mum-of-five visited her son on Monday to check up on him and was pictured leaving the hospital with a friend.

The friend gave her a warm embrace and both were wearing surgical masks in accordance with government guidelines relating to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Katie’s rep revealed to MailOnline: ‘The next 48 hours are critical,’ adding that Harvey is now undergoing tests and being ‘watched around the clock’.

Katie thanked medical staff for their ‘quick response’ and making Harvey ‘stable’, with a rep for the star revealing he is suffering from an ‘unknown bug’.

They explained: ‘This is most likely linked to the bug he had when he was rushed into hospital last week. It is not Covid-19, it is an unknown bug.’

‘[Harvey] has had chest pains and a temperature. An extremely high temp. It was 42, you could cook an egg on him. It spiked quickly and he’s had major problems breathing.’

It’s also been reported Harvey is now being tested for coronavirus, after displaying symptoms.

An insider told The Sun: ‘Harvey has been tested for the virus after he was having trouble breathing. Katie’s seriously worried about him because his heath complications would mean that catching coronavirus would be very serious.’

Doctors are now reportedly waiting for Harvey’s test results, which should come back by Tuesday.

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