Loose Women: Kaye Adams walks off set before ad break

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Loose Women panellist Kaye Adams has shared how she has been told that her hearing is “borderline hearing aid” in an Instagram post that she shared today. The ITV star, 58, admitted how she and her co-star Nadia Sawalha have had difficulty hearing each other while on the show, as she was on her way for a hearing test earlier today.

There is nothing cool about a hearing aid is there?

Kaye Adams

In view of her 114,000 followers, Kaye revealed that she felt “embarrassed” at the thought of having a hearing aid fitted.

She was told she’d need to get the aid fitted, or would have to opt for a cochlear implant instead.

On her way to get her ears tested, Kaye guessed that she would be told she needed a hearing aid ahead of her diagnosis.

The Loose Women star said: “I absolutely guarantee they are gonna say I need a hearing aid.”

Following the test, the TV personality relayed the results to her followers.

She explained: “The good news is it is free and the man was really lovely.

“And he said I have got a lovely set of drums,” she joked.

Kay continued: “This was my left ear.

“My right ear is borderline hearing aid which isn’t so good,” she confessed.

“All I need now is my piles, my corns, and my hip and I’ll be right as rain,” Kaye added in good humour.

However, the star went on to voice her concerns over potentially having a “big operation” following her diagnosis.

Laye went on: “I am a bit embarrassed, I think.

“I mean glasses are quite cool but there is nothing cool about a hearing aid is there?”

She added: “If I have to get one I have to get one.

“I actually discussed a cochlear implant but I think that’s a big operation,” Kaye added.

Kaye turned to her followers for advice, asking whether they themselves would have any doubts over using a hearing aid.

Following her hearing test, Kaye said that she was on her way to get her eyes tested.

The star later posted saying that she was going to see whether she was eligible for laser eye treatment.

Earlier in the day, Kaye told her Instagram followers how she was wearing one contact lense in an attempt to “train” her eyes to do “different things”.

Loose Women is on weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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