Kevin Quinn just dropped a new song and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The 22-year-old musician and actor debuted his new single “Keeping Me Up,” which is all about the excitement of a new relationship.

“‘Keeping Me Up’ is the perfect track for Valentine’s Day. With an unapologetic 80’s pop rock vibe, and thoughtful lyrics about the excitement of newfound love, I envision it becoming a go-to for Friday nights out, or car rides with friends. It’s just such a ‘feel good’ song,” Kevin told JJJ.

In addition to celebrating his new song, Kevin will also be celebrating V-Day with his girlfriend Kalbe!

“For the first time in a long time, I have Valentine’s Day plans that I’m really excited about. My girlfriend Kalbe and I are making lots of plans – everything from travel to couple’s massages. I’m thrilled that we have finally met and can now share life’s moments together. This Valentine’s Day will be our way of celebrating that fact,” Kevin added.

So sweet! Kevin‘s new song “Keeping Me Up” is available on all digital platforms or can be streamed below…

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