Kim Kardashian West is one of the world’s biggest stars — and a reality star who has completely redefined the way that celebrities use social media to connect with their fans. West rose to fame in 2007, when the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered on television, and ever since, she has been a mainstay on the pop culture scene. While West has her critics, there are many who absolutely love the star and her unique way of evolving with the latest trends. Still, West’s most ardent defenders probably wouldn’t deny that she has had her share of outrageous moments — including an admission of having a “nails on a chalkboard reaction” to a totally normal, everyday item. 

Kim Kardashian West’s most outrageous moments

West originally became famous for her looks. Her sex tape helped to propel her to fame, along with the release of her infamous sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J. Still, it is West’s social media savvy that has kept her at the top, with a few of her more outrageous moments drawing considerable attention from both fans and critics. 

Some of West’s craziest moments over the years include posing nude for a magazine cover, balancing a champagne glass on her backside, undergoing a butt x-ray to prove that her famous backside is real, and, of course, visiting a skin care specialist to get a “vampire facial,” a procedure that involves injecting one’s own blood into the face to allegedly benefit the complexion. Notably, some of West’s promotional projects have also made headlines, including stumping for Carl’s, Jr., as reported by Become Gorgeous. 

Kim Kardashian West hates the sound of a Starbucks cup sleeve

West doesn’t mind making headlines, in fact, she often seems to revel in shocking her fans. In 2017, West made yet another bizarre admission, this one relating to her apparent hatred of a normal item. As reported by Stylecaster, West wrote on her app that “I hate the sleeve on a Starbucks cup. I leave the room for someone to take it off for me because I cringe from the sound. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me. I hate cardboard.”

Still, it seems as though West doesn’t often indulge in Starbucks, preferring to avoid sugary beverages. When she does have an assistant pick up a drink for her from the coffee chain, West reportedly enjoys a short white chocolate mocha with whipped cream. As West once revealed to Ellen DeGeneres, she doesn’t even drink the entire thing – rather, she takes three sips of the mocha and then throws it away. 

Kim Kardashian West made headlines in her buzzworthy Met Gala outfit

Most recently, West shocked her fans when she stepped out to the 2021 Met Gala wearing a very unexpected outfit. Rather than her usual skin-baring ensemble, West rocked a head-to-toe black outfit that completely covered her face and left only a space for her long ponytail. The look sparked a social media firestorm, with many fans questioning what prompted West to choose such an odd outfit to wear to the high-fashion event.

West took to Twitter to silence some of the chatter, referencing the event’s theme, “American Independence,” by posing the question “what’s more American than a T-shirt head to toe?!” For West, making headlines is certainly nothing new, and it seems as though she might be a force to reckoned with in pop culture for years to come.

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