For the first time since checking into a Connecticut treatment center due to ‘personal’ problems with stress and alcohol, Kit Harington was spotted out and about, and the ‘Game of Thrones’ star seemed in good spirits.

Kit Harington, 32, was seen leaving his private villa shortly after midday on May 30, a day after news broke that the Game of Thrones star had checked himself into Privé-Swiss, a luxury Connecticut health retreat. Kit, whose rep says is working on “some personal issues,” was seen making his way across a public parking lot with an assistant to a boutique fitness center, which was also owned by Privé-Swiss. In the first pictures of Kit – CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS – the man known across the world as Jon Snow was wearing grey track pants, a white t-shirt, and a brown flat cap. He still had his GoT facial scruff, but overall, he looked good.

The GoT star has reportedly been at the Connecticut retreat for almost a month, as he arrived weeks before the HBO show’s epic finale. Kit secretly checked into the center to seek help with stress and alcohol use, according to Page Six. Kit has also been undergoing “psychological coaching, practicing mindful meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy to combat stress and deal with negative emotions at the facility.” His wife, Rose Leslie, 32, is being “extremely supportive” during this time, and that’s good because the services of Privé-Swiss reportedly cost over $120,000 a month.

The ending of Game of Thrones was supposedly a catalyst for Jon’s recent emotional turmoil. The show coming to a close “hit Kit hard,” a source told Page Six, adding that he realized that after eight years of dedicating his life to the show, he had a “moment of ‘what next?’ ”

“The kind of personality that tends to be drawn to being a performer tends to be more sensitive, more creative…and intense,” Dr. Jenn Mann, a Los Angeles based therapist, EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife when explaining why Kit was the latest big entertainment start to seek treatment (note: Dr. Mann has not treated Kit.) “You take that sort of personality that is already vulnerable to these issues and then you put them in a situation where there is enormous pressure to perform. … Performing is such a subjective thing. You can give the greatest performance of your life, and you could have hundreds of thousands of people telling you ‘you suck’ after you put your blood sweat and tears and soul into your performance.”

“And then people can totally criticize you and tear you apart. That is very stressful,” the doctor tells HollywoodLife. Considering the response the last season of Game of Thrones received, it’s understandable that Kit might need a little help dealing with that kind of pressure. Judging by the first pics since news broke about his treatment, Kit is getting the help he needs. Feel better soon, Jon Snow.

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