Well, Kylie Jenner may be looking for a new assistant now, but that doesn’t mean she’s done with her former one, Victoria Villarroel. Earlier this week, it became apparent that Victoria is done organizing Kylie’s billionaire life and is ready to do her own thing, which Us Weekly claimed will involve influencing the masses on Instagram. Spon con waits for no one—not even Kylie Jenner! And after a couple days of fans wondering what went wrong between the two, Victoria took to her Instagram Stories to reveal the real reason she decided to leave.

Victoria started working for Kylie five years ago as an intern when she attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). And now that she’s learned everything from the Jenners, she’s ready to step out on her own, which she decided to do a full year ago.

She wrote:

This exit may be news to a bunch of people, but Victoria previously told Girl Cult podcast that she quit way back in April 2019. She and Kylie have definitely hung out since then, so there is absolutely zero bad blood. To prove it, Kylie also took to Instagram to repost Victoria’s Story and add, “I love u bitch.”

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