Lauren Goodger is the former TOWIE star everyone's talking about. Not only because she's finally got her happy ending and expecting her first child, a baby girl, with boyfriend Charles Drury this summer, but also because her no-nonsense opinions and glamorous life constantly keep people guessing. The mum-to-be is now our OK! VIP columnist and won't be holding back when it comes to keeping our readers up to date with her journey to motherhood.

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I'll be 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I’ve got my last scan next Tuesday to find out where I’m at, where the baby is at, what position she’s in and what birth I can have. In my heart I so want a natural birth and I don’t want to have an epidural at all. I’m more scared of having a needle in me and being numb, than going through labour.

I know I want to be in the water, be sat upright and have the baby that way. My private midwife Marie is coming with me to the birth, which is nice because she knows me on a private level. She said, “Lauren, you’re going to do this!” And she’s going to deal with all the doctors and nurses for me.

I’m going to be there with relaxing music on, the lights down and just fairy lights and candles around me. It’s going to be very much a spiritual birth. And I'm planning to get some selfies during labour, so of course I’m getting a spray tan and my hair done ready for it. I also want a masseuse there if I can! It sounds crazy, but it’s going to be amazing.


In my head I still want to keep busy and work on my aesthetics business and be out and about, but then I think, “Oh yeah, I’ve got a bump!” For example I went shopping the other day to get some pyjamas and candles and I could not walk! I was in absolute agony.

My boobs are releasing milk, my arse is huge and there’s just bumps and lumps everywhere. My feet, legs and noon bone were killing me! I can’t do it. I normally love activities like shopping and bowling, but I’m just trying to be careful and also I’m knackered!


It was lovely to see Danielle Lloyd announce she is expecting her fifth child. After having four boys I know she’s keen to have another girl and I’ve always thought girls are more common. Some people are just prone to having all their children one sex, like on my dad’s side there are a lot of girls.

She’s lucky to have her group of boys as they will help each other as they get older. I can’t imagine doing this five times, ha. After you have a baby you’re really fertile, so I’ve said to Charlie we’ll have to be careful. He actually said to me, “Oh, we might as well have another one straight after.” And I was like, “Yeah, actually, get it all out the way.” But then I thought I might just want five minutes to just be me after having my baby and get my body back and be normal again. And also to do the things I’ve missed out on.


I have to say I haven’t missed alcohol at all during my pregnancy. Someone asked me if I’ll have a drink on the day I give birth and I don’t think I will. I’ve been out for meals and not had a drink and been fine. It just goes to show alcohol can be a confidence thing.

Before my pregnancy, I used to drink when I was getting ready for events – I’d never turn up to a venue sober. But I don’t miss the hangovers either. I wake up and feel good and I feel more powerful for it. I don’t want to force myself into social drinking after having the baby. Hopefully I’ll be breastfeeding, so I won't be able to anyway.

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