Sorry, AMC … LeBron James didn’t need a movie theatre giant for his daughter’s Halloween night, ’cause he built his own setup Wednesday — and it was AWESOME!!

The King put together a massive projector and a bunch of comfy seats for Zhuri and her friends to enjoy the new Addams Family flick, and the youngest James loved it all.

The 7-year-old took to IG to show off the structure on the James mansion’s back lawn … revealing balloons, snacks, “Addams Family Values 2” blankets and much more.

“Since Halloween is coming up,” Zhuri said, “my parents let me and some of my friends have a movie night in the backyard 🍿🎬!”

She added, “We streamed The Addams Family 2 movie and it was pretty funny!”

The fun night was just the latest good evening for Zhuri … ’cause it was her birthday less than a week ago, and you know LBJ went all out for that occasion too.

In fact, Bron posted a mushy note to his baby girl for the special day, saying, “You’re seriously one of a kind!”

“Never a down, dull, stale moment when you’re around. You excite/ignite a whole room simply by yourself! ENERGY UNMATCHED! I LOVE YOU ♾ & BEYOND my ❤️”


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